How long does HobbyLink Japan take to ship Reddit?

How long does HobbyLink Japan take to ship Reddit?

As far as transit times, via SAL, it averages to about 2 weeks for it to arrive.

How long is HobbyLink backorder Japan?

If you’re waiting for a newly-released, standard plastic kit, we will probably have more within a month or two. If you’re waiting on a kit that was originally released more than a year ago, you may need to wait several months or longer before it comes into stock.

Is HobbyLink Japan free shipping?

HobbyLink Japan does not currently offer free shipping under any circumstances to international destinations (outside of Japan). In the case that a promotion or sale includes free shipping, that promotion will take precedence.

Does HobbyLink Japan charge right away?

HobbyLink Japan only charges customers for their orders when items are in stock and actually ready to ship or to enter your Private Warehouse. You will not be charged for preorders until they are available. Please note that you will be charged within 24 hours for any in-stock items.

Why is everything on Hobbylink Japan backorder?

So we frequently see products become unavailable for a long time although we know that new stock will be available at some point in the future. That’s why we allow customers to order “Backordered” and “Out of Stock” items. We’ll watch those orders for them for as long as it takes to get them the merchandise!

How does Hobbylink Japan work?

60-Day Storage A paid item can stay in your Private Warehouse for up to 60 days after its allocation. The 60-day period begins when the item has first been billed. You’re welcome to combine it for shipping with other paid items that enter your Private Warehouse during that time.

Does HobbyLink Japan ship worldwide?

Whether you’re looking for affordable shipping or the fastest method around, let us help you find the best worldwide shipping to meet your needs!

How does HobbyLink Japan work?

How do I get a refund from HobbyLink Japan?

Accepting a refund as store credit would avoid any fluctuations in exchange rates. After 60 days, or for reimbursement of a payment made to an entity other than HLJ (such as for return shipping costs), we will refund in yen by the customer’s choice of PayPal or store credit, at the current day’s exchange rate.

What is private warehouse Hobbylink Japan?

Private Warehouse gives you the best chance of shipping your orders together, even if they’re released at different times. Items will appear in your Private Warehouse as they’re paid for, and can be combined for shipping as you like for up to 60 days.

How do I cancel my Hobby Link Japan Order?

Log in to your HLJ account and click “Order History” on the left-hand side of the page. Click “Open orders” and then “View and Edit” for the order you wish to change. Lower the quantity of the item, or cancel it entirely by clicking the red “x” button, then be sure to click the blue “Save changes” button.

How do you buy from HobbyLink Japan?

All orders must be placed through our website, We cannot accept orders by email, postal mail, or fax. When you’re ready, click the Add to Cart button next to an item you’d like to purchase. When you’re finished shopping, open your Cart.