How long is Penderyn aged?

How long is Penderyn aged?

between between five and eight years
There is no age statement provided for any of these expressions, though most information seems to point to between between five and eight years being typical of Penderyn whiskies.

Who founded Penderyn whisky?

As Welsh whisky pioneers Penderyn opens its second distillery in Llandudno, we talk to founder Stephen Davies CEO of Penderyn about inventing a category, last year’s Jim Murray row, and why Wales is the New Zealand of the Northern Hemisphere.

When did Penderyn Distillery open?

The company was launched in 2000 as the Welsh Whisky Company. Whisky had been distilled in Wales for hundreds of years, but stopped in 1894. Penderyn became the first whisky to be manufactured in Wales for over a century when sales started in 2004.

Where is Penderyn distillery based?

Brecon Beacons
Penderyn Distillery produces award-winning single malt whiskies and spirits in the foothills on the magnificent Brecon Beacons in South Wales. One of the few remaining independent distilleries, Penderyn takes its name from the old Welsh village in which it is located.

Is there such a thing as Welsh whiskey?

Welsh whisky (Welsh: wisgi Cymreig) is a whisky made in Wales. Whisky has been distilled in Wales since the Middle Ages, but production died out in the late nineteenth century. In the 1990s attempts were made to revive the practice, resulting in the establishment of Wales’s first distillery in over one hundred years.

Where is Danzy Jones made?

DANZY JONES is Wales’ only old style mellow whisky liqueur- a traditional recipe of working folk who smoothed potent early spirit into rich, fully flavoured toddles by the addition of herbs and rosehips. Danzy Jones was a journeying stonemason, born in the 1870’s in the Old County of Breconshire.

What is a Faraday still?

Our whisky still is a single copper-pot which produces a flavourful spirit of extraordinary strength and purity and was designed by Dr David Faraday, descendent of the ground-breaking Victorian scientist, Michael Faraday. As of 2013 we have a pair of these stills.

Is Penderyn single malt?

Penderyn Distillery is the home of Welsh Whisky and produces award-winning single malt whiskies and spirits in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons in South Wales. A second distillery in Llandudno opened in 2021, and a third one in Swansea is planned to open in Winter 2022.

Where is Penderyn whisky made?