How many Cinnabons are in Florida?

How many Cinnabons are in Florida?

31 Cinnabon Locations in Florida.

How many Cinnabon locations are there 2021?

How many Cinnabon locations are there in the United States in 2021? There are 880 Cinnabon locations in the United States as of July 11, 2021.

Is Cinnabon still around?

Cinnabon is an American chain of baked goods stores and kiosks, normally found in areas with high pedestrian traffic such as malls, airports and rest stops. The company’s signature item is a cinnamon roll. As of December 2017, there are more than 1,200 Cinnabon bakeries operating in 48 countries.

Why is Cinnabon only in malls?

If you haven’t already noticed, these yummy stores are always thoughtfully placed within high-traffic areas according to the University of Washington. The truth of the matter is that Cinnabon has something of an expert marketing approach, which is to entice customers to the store with the smell of their product.

How much does it cost to start a Cinnabon franchise?

The initial franchise fee to open one Cinnabon franchise is $30,000. Additionally, potential Franchise Partners should possess cash liquidity of $120,000 and a net worth of at least $400,000. The current approximate startup cost is about $250,000 (note that startup cost will vary for each individual franchisee).

What company owns Cinnabon?

Focus BrandsCinnabon International, Inc.
Cinnabon/Parent organizations

How much does it cost to open a Cinnabon?

What stores sell Cinnabon products?

Cinnabon frozen cinnamon buns, chicken sandwich now available at Walmart, coming soon to Target, Safeway. There’s a new way to get a Cinnabon fix without heading to the shopping mall or local cinnamon roll bakery.

Where is Cinnabon headquarters?

Atlanta, GACinnabon / Headquarters

How much do Cinnabon owners make?

(The math: If we are open 11 hours a day, 365 days per year equals 240,900 “selling minutes” divided by one $5 ticket every 3 minutes = 80,300 total tickets – 33,600 “break-even” level tickets = 46,700 net tickets * $5 = $233,500 x 50% profit = $116,750 profit for owner / investor on total revenue of $401,500).

Can I open a Cinnabon?