How many copies did Ultraviolence sell?

How many copies did Ultraviolence sell?

The pop siren’s Interscope release “Ultraviolence” claimed the top slot with sales of 182,000 units, according to Nielsen SoundScan data for the week ending June 22. Del Rey’s debut set “Born to Die” peaked at No. 2, and has gone on to sell more than 1 million copies.

Is rock candy sweet a real album?

Lana Del Rey has announced that she has another new album on the way after Chemtrails Over the Country Club, which she released yesterday (March 19). She shared the news on Instagram, saying that the new Rock Candy Sweet is out June 1.

Is Blue Banisters Lana’s last album?

Blue Banisters is the eighth studio album by American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey. It was released on October 15, 2021 in Canada and October 22 worldwide, by Interscope and Polydor Records, seven months after her previous record, Chemtrails over the Country Club….

Blue Banisters
Length 61:54
Label Interscope Polydor

Is Ultraviolence Lana Del Rey’s best album?

Ultraviolence is ranked 3rd best out of 10 albums by Lana Del Rey on The best album by Lana Del Rey is Norman Fucking Rockwell! which is ranked number 323 in the list of all-time albums with a total rank score of 5,969.

What genre is honeymoon?


Why is it called rock candy?

The Greeks and the Romans imported tiny amounts, calling it “Indian salt.” In those days of limited travel and trade, it was rare and fabulously expensive. By then, India had already developed the first two kinds of candy. The original was simply a lump of sugar crystals, what we call rock candy.

Is rock candy sweet still coming out?

As per her Instagram announcement, ‘Rock Candy Sweet’ is currently set for a release date of June 1 2021.

What is Lana’s most famous album?

If this was Lana Del Rey albums ranked by how influential they are, or how many times I’ve listened to them, or how much they’ve sold worldwide – of course Born To Die would be in the top three. It’s BORN TO DIE. It’s her most famous record and it put her one the map.

What is Lana’s best album?

Lana Del Rey best albums

  • Norman Fucking Rockwell! Lana Del Rey.
  • Born To Die. Lana Del Rey.
  • Ultraviolence. Lana Del Rey.
  • Honeymoon. Lana Del Rey.
  • Lust For Life. Lana Del Rey.
  • Paradise. Lana Del Rey.
  • Chemtrails Over The Country Club. Lana Del Rey.
  • Blue Banisters. Lana Del Rey.