How many gears do graders have?

How many gears do graders have?


Max Speed – Forward 25.6 mph (41 kph)
Max Speed – Reverse 20.2 mph (33 kph)
Number of Gears – Forward 8
Number of Gears – Reverse 6

How wide is a road grader?

A road grader blade is mounted beneath the frame with a hydraulically controlled mechanism that allows multiple, precision adjustments. Blade width varies from 8 to 24 feet.

How heavy is a 14m grader?

53738 lbs

Gross Vehicle Weight – Base – Front Axle 12541 lbs (5,689 kg)
Gross Vehicle Weight – Typically Equipped – Front Axle 13704 lbs (6,216 kg)
Gross Vehicle Weight – Typically Equipped – Total 53738 lbs (24,375 kg)
Operating Weight – Typically Equipped 53738 lbs (24,375 kg)

How much diesel does a grader use?

Heavy motor graders are being- operated on an average of about 11/2 gallons of diesel fuel per hour.

What are the dimensions of a 140h motor grader?

Caterpillar 140H motor grader dimensions. Total length. 8713 millimetres (28.6 feet) Height to top of cab. 3131 millimetres (10.3 feet) Width over tyres. 2464 millimetres (8.1 feet)

What kind of emissions does a 140h grader have?

Low Emissions. The 140H Motor Grader is even more environmentally friendly than its predecessors with reductions in NOx, hydrocarbon, and particulate emissions. It meets or exceeds all U.S. EPA Tier II and EU Stage II emissions control standards worldwide.

Why choose a cat 140h grader?

Caterpillar has matched and balanced all power train components, hydraulic systems, and structural elements to deliver a superior motor grader. Include the best operator station in the industry and world-class dealer support, and the Cat 140H represents a reliable, cost-effective investment. Environmentally Responsible Design

What kind of engine does a 140 H frame have?

The 140H frame is designed and built to exceed the expectations of the 8 Drawbar, Circle, Moldboard Flexible moldboard positioning and a long wheelbase improve material handling. Rugged construction and replaceable wear parts minimize operation 7 Cat 3176 Engine.