How many Rebel Sports stores are there in Australia?

How many Rebel Sports stores are there in Australia?

Rebel started from humble beginnings as a single store in the Sydney suburb of Bankstown in 1985. Since that time, it has grown to become an extensive network of more than 160 stores across Australia.

Is Rebel Sport only in Australia?

Rebel (formerly Rebel Sport) is an Australian sport equipment and related apparel chain….Rebel (company)

Headquarters in Rhodes, New South Wales
Trade name rebel
Industry Retail
Founded 1985
Headquarters Rhodes, New South Wales , Australia

Who owns Rebel Sport?

Super Retail Group
Rebel Group Limited
Rebel Sport Limited/Parent organizations

Who is Rebel sports competitor?

Rebel Sport’s top competitors include Pakems, Kuiu, Olympia Sports and Sheikh Shoes. Rebel is a retailer of sports equipment.

Is Amart Sports owned by rebel?

Super Retail Group, who also operates Rebel Sport, acquired the Amart Sports business in November 2011.

How many stores does Rebel sports have?

The state with the most number of Rebel Sport Limited locations in Australia is New South Wales, with 47 locations, which is 30% of all Rebel Sport Limited locations in Australia.

Is Nike a rebel brand?

2018 marks the 30th anniversary of Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ campaign. And no one would have guessed how perfect it is for the brand and how relevant it is for all of us.

Did rebel buy Amart Sports?

Does Bunnings own Supercheap Auto?

Super Retail Group Limited is an Australian-based company which owns and operates a portfolio of retail brands across Australia. The brands include automotive retailer Supercheap Auto, outdoor and leisure retailers Macpac and BCF and sporting retailer Rebel Sport.

Does Repco own Supercheap Auto?

Repco, which is owned by United States automotive giant Genuine Parts, is a fierce competitor to ASX-listed rivals Bapcor, which owns Autobarn and Autopro, and Super Retail Group, which owns the Supercheap Auto chain.

Who owns Amart Australia?

Quadrant Private Equity
Amart is majority owned by Australian private equity firm Quadrant Private Equity, who took full control of the retailer in 2016. The deal valued Super Amart at about $400 million.

Is Rebel a franchise?

What countries are you looking at for franchise partners? No, we are not restricted to any particular country or territory. Our franchise model can easily be adapted across geographies. Anybody from around the globe can become a franchise partner, as long as our partner criteria are met.