How much can a Broderson lift?

How much can a Broderson lift?

The maximum lift capacity is 30,000 lbs on outriggers, without the outriggers when centered the max self-loading capacity is 17,000 lbs. The main boom length is 36 ft/10.97 m and capable of 360° continuous rotation.

How much boom does a 15 ton Broderson have?


Height 8′
Lifting Capacity 30,000 lbs. (15 Tons)
Max Tip Height 73′ 8″ (with Boom Extension)
Boom Rotation 360° Continuous
Gross Vehicle Weight 31,080 lbs. (14,100 kg)

How much does a Broderson carry deck crane weight?

The Broderson iC-80-3F carry deck crane has a 30′ main boom and a 10′ jib extension/ This four wheel drive and steer crane has a capacity on outriggers of18, 000 lbs. (9-ton USt) and a pick and carry capacity of 11, 400 lbs. Weight: 16, 930 lbs.

What is the largest carry deck crane?

Broderson’s longest reach and highest capacity carry deck crane, the IC-400 provides heavy duty capacity to take care of all your long reach light and heavy duty lifting needs….IC-400-B Industrial Carry Deck Crane.

Capacity on Outriggers 50,000 lbs
Height 11′ 3″
Width 8′ 6″
Maximum Tip Height 99′ (with boom extension)

How much does a Broderson ic80 weigh?


Height 7′ 3″
Lifting Capacity 18,000 lbs. (9 Tons)
Max Tip Height 46′ (with Boom Extension)
Boom Rotation 360° Continuous
Gross Vehicle Weight 16,750 lbs (7,600 kg)

How much does a 15 ton carry deck crane weight?


Make Model Weight
Shuttlelift 5540 DF 26500 lbs
Broderson IC-200-2C D 27640 lbs

What type of crane is a carry deck?

Carry Deck Cranes A carry deck crane consists of a rotating, telescopic boom mounted to a small, flat platform with four wheels. These cranes use outriggers and tend to lift loads at around 4-10 tons. As the name suggests, these cranes carry materials throughout a site by lifting and loading them onto the deck.

What is carry deck?

A carry deck crane is a small 4 wheel crane with a 360 degree rotating boom housed in the center of the machine. In addition to the rotating boom, the carry deck crane also houses an operator cab at one end underneath the boom. The rear section of the carry deck crane contains the engine.

How much can a spider crane lift?

6.6 tons
SPYDERCRANES are revolutionizing many industries by offering a flexible and versatile crane that while strong enough to lift up to 6.6 tons, can be used where a conventional truck mounted crane or carry deck crane will not have access due to its size.