How much did Telogis sell for?

How much did Telogis sell for?

In June, Verizon announced the acquisition of Telogis. Neither company has publicly disclosed the amount of the transaction, but $850 million is a safe bet.

Is Telogis part of Verizon?

Today, telecoms giant Verizon announced that it is acquiring Telogis, a California-based company that develops cloud-based solutions for mobile workforces, and specifically telematics, compliance and navigation software used by Ford, Volvo, GM and other car companies, as well as Apple and AT.

Why did Verizon buy fleetmatics?

“We are very excited to join Verizon,” said Jim Travers, Fleetmatics CEO and Chairman of the Board. “Together, we’ll accelerate global market leadership, and empower more businesses with mobile workforces to find new ways to grow, get more done, and delight their customers.”

Is Verizon connect part of Verizon?

Former brands within Verizon’s connected vehicle portfolio including Verizon Telematics, Fleetmatics and Telogis have all been rebranded as Verizon Connect.

How does telogis work?

Telogis software collects location-based data from embedded and installed hardware in vehicles, as well as from mobile devices. It works on over 40 different hardware platforms from 12 different manufacturers and collects an important array of data.

What does Verizon Telematics do?

Telematics provides a digital blueprint of every aspect of a vehicle’s operation, helping fleet managers understand where improvements can be made in accident prevention measures and driver safety standards.

Are Verizon and Verizon Connect the same company?

How does Telogis work?

What tracks fleetmatics?

The ‘Idling Report’ on the Fleetmatics GPS vehicle tracking system collates data, such as idle start and stop times, location of idling, and total idle time, which can be used for analysis – for example, the standard idling report can be used to help minimise idle times, reduce fuel waste and also decrease engine wear …

Who invented telematic?

Telematics auto insurance was independently invented and patented by a major U.S. auto insurance company, Progressive Auto Insurance U.S. Patent 5,797,134 and a Spanish independent inventor, Salvador Minguijon Perez (European Patent EP0700009B1).

When did fleetmatics go public?

Fleetmatics offers a software platform providing GPS vehicle management and other services to companies with mobile workforces. The company serves more than 37,000 customers and raised $93 million in funding before going public in 2012.