How much does a Vactor truck weigh?

How much does a Vactor truck weigh?

Vactor 2112 HXX PD Hydrovac w/ Sludge Pump

GVWR: 78,350
Front Axle Weight: 20,000
Rear Axle Weight: 46,000
Lift Axle Weight: 12,350
Lift Axle Type: Steerable

How much does a vac truck cost per hour?

Solution – Use a Bigger Truck

Equipment Truck Cost Per Hour Traffic Control Per Hour
Small Truck $180 $50
Large Truck $235 $50

How many gallons does a Vactor truck hold?

Vactor 2100i Options: Liquid debris pump-off system. Debris flush-out system. Fail-safe hydraulic door locking system. Water tank capacity up to 1,500 gallons.

What are Vactor trucks?

Vacuum trucks or vactor trucks transport the collected material to a treatment or disposal site, for example a sewage treatment plant or county dumping location. Vacuum trucks can be equipped with a high pressure pump if they are used to clean out sewers from sand. This is the kind of pump All Storm Drains Inc.

How many yards can a vac truck hold?

Primarily, when it comes to F3 and F4, it is water capacity and debris capacity. So, the Tornado F3 will hold 1250 gallons of water and 10 yards of debris. The Tornado F4 will hold 1550 gallons of water and 12 yards of debris. The Tornado F5 will hold the same 12 yards of debris but 1950 gallons of water.

How much does a septic pump truck weigh?

With a 1,900-gallon tank, a septic truck will weigh in at around 28,000 pounds when completely filled. It is important to know what the exact specifications are for the septic truck you purchase. Generally, you will find most tanks on a septic truck range between a 1,500 to 2,500-gallon capacity.

How much does Hydrovac cost?

Buying a hydro vac or straight vac truck for your company isn’t a small decision. With these trucks easily costing $100,000 – $500,000 or more for the more equipped trucks they are incredibly large investments for most contractors to make.

What is a Vactor 2100 Series?

The Vactor 2100i is the ultimate sewer cleaning truck configuration. Automated high-pressure water jetting and remarkable vacuum power—all in one package.