How much does it cost to rebuild a 318 motor?

How much does it cost to rebuild a 318 motor?

As an average rebuild, the parts and labor cost is between $2,500 and $4,000. One of the major components of this kind of engine repair work is replacement of bearings and seals.

How much HP can I get out of a 318?

A street-worthy 318 can easily make 400 horsepower, about what a lot of street 360s put out.

Is the 318 a good engine?

Not only is the 318 powerful, but it was Chrysler’s best-selling V8 engine of the time, making parts and donor engines widely available all over the world. With soaring fuel prices, the 318 is also a fuel-efficient engine, as far as muscle car era V8s go.

Is there a 318 big block?

And they even came in second. Most commonly known as the “wide-block 318,” “big-block 318,” or “Poly 318,” official Chrysler nomenclature describes it as the A479 or A-series 318.

How much does it cost to rebuild a 318 engine?

The price of a rebuilt engine depends on factors such as the car you drive, who you choose and where you live. On average, for a rebuilt engine, with a warranty, the price is going to be anywhere from $500 if your current engine can be worked on to as much as $3,500 or more for a complete swap.

What is the dwell timing on a 318 engine?

In a six-cylinder engine, the lobes are 60° apart and the dwell time is 30° to 35°. The dwell is adjusted by setting the points gap to a specified distance at maximum opening. A narrower gap gives more dwell and a wider gap gives less.

How to give a 318 Poly engine more power?

Poly vs. LA valve arrangement (Poly illustration courtesy of Small Block “A” Engines,LA head photo and comparison © 2009 Reginald A. Royster,Sr.)

  • Hemi vs. Poly vs. LA Head Design Comparison (Contributor unknown)
  • Poly 318 Valve Design (Courtesy of Chrysler Corporation
  • Poly 318 in a 1964 Dodge (Contributor unknown)
  • How to Turbo a 318?

    I used a 1986 block.

  • Since this is a street engine,I decided to use the stock cast crankshaft instead of a custom forging.
  • I decided to go with Scat I-beam rods.
  • Stock pistons aren’t the right choice,even in a mild build.
  • I used high swirl 318 (#302) castings.