How much is a subscription to the Herald Mail?

How much is a subscription to the Herald Mail?

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Why is it called Hagerstown?

By 1739, the area’s cheap, fertile land and plentiful natural resources had attracted farmers and craftsmen like the German-born Jonathan Hager, who patented a tract of land in the vicinity of present-day Hagerstown City Park called “Hager’s Fancy” from Charles Calvert, the 5th Lord Baltimore.

Who is Hagerstown MD named after?

In 1762 the town was laid out by the German immigrant Jonathan Hager and named Elizabeth Town for his wife, but it was incorporated as Hager’s Town in 1814. Hager’s House (1739) has been restored as a museum.

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Is Hagerstown a good place to live?

It’s safe to say that Hagerstown is a good place to raise a family — at least according to a recent ranking released by the website, In the site’s 2015 Best Places to Live rankings just released, Hagerstown takes the fourth spot as the “Best Town to Raise a Family in Maryland.”

What is the cost of living in Hagerstown MD?

Hagerstown cost of living is 86.2

COST OF LIVING Hagerstown Maryland
Health 114.5 89.1
Housing 59 127.2
Median Home Cost $175,100 $361,900
Utilities 89.9 105.6

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