How much is wind SIM card in Italy?

How much is wind SIM card in Italy?

Cost of Wind SIM card: 10 EURO (of which, 5 EURO are credited to your account). Price – 10 EURO per month. This service includes 100 minutes of talk time (without activation fee) + 100 SMS-messages + unlimited internet (after 1 GB download, speed limit up to 128 Kb/sec). Price – 12 EURO per month.

Is WindTre good in Italy?

While all four operators scored a Very Good 4G Video Experience with 70 or more points, TIM maintained an edge in 3G Video Experience and was the only Italian operator landing in the Good category with 57.0 points….Video Experience Additional Metrics.

4G Video Experience in 0-100 points
W WindTre 48 (± 0.63)

How do I check my balance on Wind mobile Italy?

How to check your WindTre balance?

  1. Text BALANCE to 4155.
  2. Call 4242 from your WindTre number and follow the prompts.
  3. Check on the WindTre app.

How do I check my wind SIM balance?

Check your balance Call 1928 and follow the instructions of the voice guidance in order to receive a text with all the informations about the receivable, expiring date of the SIM card and traffic. Call 4242 to check your receivable.

Which SIM is best in Italy?

The best sim card in Italy for tourists is an Iliad sim card by far! They offer the best value for money and cover every tourist destination in Italy with a 4G signal. However, Iliad stores and resellers are hard to find around Italy.

Is Vodafone better than wind?

Cosmote and Wind are our joint winners and placed in the Good rating category (80-87 on a 100-point scale), while Vodafone placed in the Acceptable rating category.

How do you recharge wind?

Once you have activated WINDTRE Easy Ricarica top-up service, you can:

  1. Call 4242 from your mobile phone and top up according to voice instructions.
  2. Send a free text to 4242 by writing top-up amount, then leave a space and enter the PIN you created upon activating the service.

How do I cancel Windtre?

You can, however, terminate the contract at any time, by communicating it to Wind Tre Business via certified email or registered letter with proof of receipt; the termination is effective thirty days after the date when the communication is received.

How do I recharge my wind card in Italy?

To up by calling *124*4242·or by texting to 4242. Any top-up amount threshold is determined by your bank….Top up at retailers, bars, tobacconists, authorized newsstands

  1. 5 Euros.
  2. 10 Euros.
  3. 15 Euros.
  4. 25 Euros.
  5. 50 Euros.

How do I top up my wind SIM?

You can recharge Wind mobile in one of three ways:

  1. Call 1268 from the relevant Wind phone, and follow the instructions.
  2. Send a text message to 1268 containing the received 16-digit code.
  3. Log into myF2G and fill in the received 16-digit.

Does windwind offer LTE in Italy?

Wind is developing a LTE network on 800/2600MHz. By now coverage is quite limited, the smallest among other LTE networks in Italy. Fortunately all customers can enjoy LTE surfing at no extra charge, but you need a 4G sim-card (all new customers will get one).

What happened to Wind Telecom?

In December 2016, Wind merged with 3 Italy to form Wind Tre . Wind was established in 1997 by the Italian Electrical Company Enel, which sold Wind in 2005 to Wind Telecom S.p.A. (former Weather Investments). In 2006 the group appointed Khaled Bichara as the Chief Operating Officer of the company.

Is Servizio 5G valid in Italia?

Servizio 5G valido solo in Italia. Scopri di più sulla Rete 5G di WINDTRE. Con Di Più Unlimited 5G