How powerful is the GE9X engine?

How powerful is the GE9X engine?

The GE9X can provide 134,300 lbf (pound-force) of thrust at maximum, an impressive 5% increase over the older GE90-115B. The use of composite, carbon-fiber materials has allowed the engine to be 10% more fuel-efficient than its predecessor without a drastic increase in size.

How much horsepower does a GE9X have?

It is rated at 110,000 lbf (490 kN) of thrust, which is 5,000 lbf (20 kN) less than its predecessor, the GE90-115 rated at 115,000 lbf (510 kN)….Specifications.

Variant 105B1A
Weight 21,230 lb (9,630 kg)
Takeoff thrust 110,000 lbf (490 kN)
Thrust/weight 5.2
RPM, 100% LP 2355, HP 9561

How much thrust does a GE9X engine produce?

The records keeper announced today that the GE9X, which GE Aviation developed for Boeing’s new 777X widebody jet, clocked in at 134,300 pounds of thrust during a test run.

How much fuel does a GE9X use?

Technical Data

Max. thrust 134,300 lbf
Bypass ratio 10:1
Pressure ratio 60:1
Fan diameter 134 in
Fuel consumption (compared to previous version) -10%

What is the most powerful jet engine made?

GE9X engine
The GE9X engine for the Boeing 777X has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the the most powerful commercial aircraft jet engine (test performance) after reaching 134,300 lbs of thrust.

What are the specifications of the GE9X?

Here is what we know in terms of GE9X specifications: 1 Thrust: 110,000lbf (490kN) 2 Front fan diameter: 134 inches (3.4 meters) 3 Fan blades: 16 (carbon fiber composite) 4 Overall pressure ratio: 60:1 5 Bypass ratio: 10:1 6 High-pressure compressor ratio: 27:1

What does the GE9X certification mean for GE Aviation?

This certification achievement culminates GE Aviation’s renewal of its commercial jet engine portfolio, including the GEnx for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the CFM LEAP engine. “It takes the world’s best talent in jet propulsion to create a game-changing product like the GE9X engine,” said John Slattery, president and CEO of GE Aviation.

How big is the GE9X afterburner?

That is equivalent to three of the F-22’s F119 engines in full afterburner. The GE9X features the world’s largest front fan measuring 134 inches across.

What is the history of the GE9X engine?

The first engine to test (FETT) completed its first test run in April 2016. With 375 cycles and 335 test hours, this validated its architecture (as a system, as opposed to a collection of modules) for aerodynamic performance, mechanical system verification and aerothermal heating validation. The GE9X went through icing tests in Winter 2017.