How to Group RadioButton in WPF?

How to Group RadioButton in WPF?

Drag five radio buttons and four text blocks from the Toolbox and arrange them as shown in the following XAML code. The following example shows how to use a RadioButton. We will display two groups of RadioButton. When a user selects an option, then the program will display the message on a TextBlock.

How do I use radio buttons in XAML?

Use RadioButton controls to limit a user’s selection to a single choice within a set of related, but mutually exclusive, choices. You group RadioButton controls by putting them inside the same parent container or by setting the GroupName property on each RadioButton to the same value.

Which control in the WPF application has a property GroupName?

Using the Control The six RadioButton controls are associated with one group or the other using its GroupName which matches the GroupName of one of the SelectedRadioButtonControl controls. A TextBlock Text property is bound to each of the SelectedRadioButtonControl SelectedRadioButton. Content property.

When a RadioButton is selected it Cannot be cleared by clicking it?

Whether a RadioButton is selected is determined by the state of its IsChecked property. When a RadioButton is selected, it cannot be cleared by clicking it. When RadioButton elements are grouped, the buttons are mutually exclusive. A user can select only one item at a time within a RadioButton group.

Can radio buttons be deselected?

The reason why it’s impossible to deselect HTML “radio” inputs. Radio buttons are not supposed to be left blank. They can be left blank only if you do not want to use default values. This allows you to do things like force the user to fill in the form and not assume anything by default if it is required.

How to programmatically click a button in WPF?

One way to programmatically “click” the button, if you have access to the source, is to simply call the button’s OnClick event handler (or Execute the ICommand associated with the button, if you’re doing things in the more WPF-y manner). Why are you doing this?

How to programmatically set a radio button?

Items = The source of data that appears in a control such as a gallery,a list,or a chart.

  • Defaults = It specifies the value of control before a user changes it.
  • Layout = It specifies whether the Radio button control appears as horizontally or vertically.
  • Value = It specifies the value of input control.
  • How to select radio button?

    – What is a Radio Button? – How to select a Radio Button using Selenium WebDriver? How to locate a radio button using an ID locator? Also, how to locate a radio button using the name locator? – How to perform validations on Radio Buttons in Selenium WebDriver? How to verify that if the Radio Button is selected using Selenium isSelected () method?

    How to bind to radio buttons created dynamically in WPF?

    <Window x:Class=”MVVM_RadioButton.View.MainWindow”

  • xmlns=””
  • xmlns:x=””
  • Title=”Main Window” Height=”350″ Width=”525″>
  • <StackPanel Orientation=”Vertical” Margin=”20″>
  • <RadioButton Width=”150″ Content=”India” Name=”cbIndia” IsChecked=”True”></RadioButton>