Is 115 grain FMJ good?

Is 115 grain FMJ good?

While this particular cartridge is offered in various configurations, the most common is the 115 gr. full metal jacket (FMJ). This is an excellent round for practice, matches and informal “plinking.” However, it is a terrible choice for self-defense because of its penetration capability.

Is TulAmmo OK to shoot?

Tulammo is a great range/blasting ammo. It’s cheap ammo, it isn’t going to hurt your gun, and for the range it’s fine. It’s widely used by people.

Does steel cased ammo damage your pistol?

First, cheap steel-case ammo—especially that made in Eastern Europe—tends to utilize cheap powders, dirty Berdan primers and anti-corrosion coatings applied for shipping and long-term storage. All of these components can potentially foul guns at a quicker rate, and to a grimier degree, than top-quality ammo.

Why you shouldn’t use steel cased ammo?

The other problem with steel cased ammo is that the cases don’t expand the same way that brass cases do. This causes carbon build up between the case and the chamber wall. This build up can cause stuck cases. Sometimes these cases will stick so severely that it is difficult to remove them even with a cleaning rod.

What is tulammo ammo?

TulAmmo Ammunition represents the steel case ammunition here in the US market. Budget minded shooters and hunters that do not tend to reload their ammunition choose TulAmmo ammunition as their go to ammo because of the savings and attractive pricing compared to other ammo brands.

Is tulaammo 9mm ammo safe for indoor use?

TulaAmmo 9mm ammunition as well as Wolf 9mm ammo feature steel core FMJ bullet and its not recommended for indoor use. Thank you for buying in stock 9mm bulk ammo at Target Sports USA.

Why choose Tula 9mm Luger ammo?

A perfect choice for competition and training round, 9mm Luger Ammo ammo from Tula has been tested in numerous weather conditions and climates to guarantee the highest success rate no matter what Mother Nature can throw at a marksmen.