Is Alameda a Superfund site?

Is Alameda a Superfund site?

The two Superfund sites are the Alameda Naval Air Station, now known as Alameda Point, in Alameda, and the former AMCO Chemical Facility in West Oakland. The other types of contaminated lands are found throughout the ART project area, with clusters in certain neighborhoods or geographic areas.

Why is the Alameda Naval Air Station in Alameda a Superfund site?

The Alameda Naval Base was added to the list of Superfund cleanup sites by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1999, as 25 of the areas of the base were contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB).

Why did the Alameda naval base close?

Nimitz. The base was closed in 1997 pursuant to Base Realignment and Closure action. Its runways were also closed and the airfield was not reutilized as a civilian airport.

When did Naval Air Station Alameda close?

From World War II through the Korean Conflict and Vietnam, NAS Alameda supported the Department of the Navy’s defense mission until operational closure in 1997.

How big is the Alameda Naval Air Station?

The 2,806-acre Alameda Naval Air Station, now known as Alameda Point, is a closed Navy installation located on the western tip of Alameda Island in the City of Alameda.

When was Alameda decommissioned?

April 25, 1997
With the decrease in demands for its use following WWII and the Cold War, Alameda’s naval air station’s activity began to decline and it was officially closed on April 25, 1997.

When was the Alameda naval base built?

An oil refinery was built in 1879 and was purchased by Standard Oil. It operated until 1903. The site of the Engine Overhaul Building was used as the Pacific Borax Works. The City of Alameda saw the possibility for a Naval Base on the west end of the island of Alameda.

Is Alameda built on landfill?

The neighborhoods of Alameda Point and Southshore are built on filled land.

Is Alameda CA sinking?

A human-made island, at sea level, surrounded by San Francisco Bay, Alameda faces an unusually high risk from sea level rise. In the coming decades, sea levels around the Bay will rise by at least 2 feet.

When was Alameda naval base built?

November 1, 1940
On November 1, 1940, NAS Alameda opened and naval operations began. Comprised of a large airfield, docks for aircraft carriers such as the USS Hornet, and extensive manufacturing facilities, Alameda’s NAS was fully operational and thus provided employment for thousands of local residents.

Why was Alameda turned into an island?

Literally. We started out as a peninsula, but some government mucky mucks in 1902 decided to show off their trench-digging skills and made Alameda an island.