Is Alim equivalent to HSC?

Is Alim equivalent to HSC?

Alim Result 2022 Madrassah Board Students of the Madrassah board can get their results on the official website So this year HSC Alim Result 2021 has been Published today Saturday on It is equivalent to the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC).

What is HSC Alim?

HSC Alim Exam Routine 2021 will be published by Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board at September 2022. Alim Examination 2022 will be Start From on 2nd December 2021. A Candidate attends in Alim Examination after the two years of Alim Final Exam. It is the highest level of education colleges.

What is Dakhil exam in Bangladesh?

Dakhil is examination is managed by Madrasah Education Board. Only one Madrasah Education Board in Bangladesh. Dakhil Exam is equivalent of Secondary School Certificate. After completed Dakhil Exam, Students can admit for Alim Exam in Bangladesh.

How many madrasha boards are there in Bangladesh?

Over 10 thousand Quaumi Madrasahs have been established in Bangladesh up to 2008. There are around 250 Madrasahs of Taqmil or Dawa-e-Hadith level and about 50 Madrasahs for females only.

What is Alim and Fazil?

The Senior Madrasahs running from class I to class X are called Alim Madrasahs and the Madrasahs from class I to class XII are called Fazil Madrasahs.

Who is the chairman of madrasah board?

Professor Kaiser AhmedBangladesh Madrasah Education Board / Chairperson

What is madrasah education program?

Typically a madrasah provides young Muslims with a religious foundation in Qur’anic recitation and Islamic values. For some Mus- lim children, the madrasah is the only source of formal education that is available; for others it is supplementary to secular basic education provided in primary and second- ary school.

What is Bangladesh education Board?

The Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Bangladesh are responsible for conducting the examinations for the Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C), the Higher Secondary (School) Certificate (H.S.C) level public examinations.