Is Bulgarian and Romanian language similar?

Is Bulgarian and Romanian language similar?

The language does have Slavic roots, but they represent only 10% of the vocabulary. With words originating from ancient Slavic and other words coming from Bulgarian, German and Turkish, Romanian is a unique Romance language.

Does Bulgarian have Latin roots?

Up to two-thirds of the modern Bulgarian lexicon is based on common Slavic roots shared by the other Slavic languages. The rest of the words were borrowed from other languages, mostly from Greek and Latin, and to a lesser extent from French and Russian.

How similar are Bulgarian and Ukrainian?

They are both slavic languages, but in normal conversation, we won’t understand each other, or only few words. As the person above said – Ukrainian is closer to Russian, Bulgarian is closer to Serbian.

How do you say yes in Bulgarian?

In Bulgaria nodding your head means no The most common way to show agreement and say ‘yes’ in Bulgaria is to shake your head from side to side, a gesture that in many countries means no. And it’s not just Bulgaria! Greece, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt all follow the same method.

Is Bulgaria Slavic?

The Bulgarians are part of the Slavic ethnolinguistic group as a result of migrations of Slavic tribes to the region since the 6th century AD and the subsequent linguistic assimilation of other populations.

What is the longest Bulgarian word?

The Longest Bulgarian Word has 39 Letters This is непротивоконституционствувателствувайте—don’t even try to pronounce it.

Why does Romanian have so many Spanish and Portuguese words?

While Romanian has seen much Slavic and Turkish influence, it has kept cognates of Spanish and Portuguese words that are no longer in French, Italian or Occitan. According to some essays* I have read, this is due to Hispania and Dacia being both out of the “central” and more dynamic areas of the Latin-speaking world.

Is Romanian a Slavic language?

Some well-known Slavic languages include Russian, Polish, Czech, and Bulgarian; and as a result of these languages’ influence on Romanian, it looks and sounds unique in many ways.

How similar is the Romanian language to other Romance languages?

The relation with the West Romance world was very short ( just some contact with Dalmatians and Italian merchants ), So the Romanians developed a perculiar language no so much similar to the western Romance languages . Romanians say Italian is the closer language to Romanian .

Is Rumanian a distant cousin of Spanish?

Basically, by reading or listening Rumanian you can recognize it as a very very distant cousin of Spanish, but that’s all. Why are many people in Romania able to speak Spanish? Why are many people in Romania able to speak Spanish?