Is Bundy a good brand of clarinet?

Is Bundy a good brand of clarinet?

It is a longtime favorite of band programs and beginning and intermediate musicians eveywhere. With a Boehm keywork system which places tone holes at acoustically optimum points, the Bundy Clarinet provides a superb sound and easy playability-ideal for the student musician.

When did Bundy stop making clarinets?

. 1960
Production ceased c. 1960. Before the Resonite, Bundys were wood clarinets made in France, probably by Selmer France, and imported by Selmer USA.

Are Bundy clarinets wood?

Bundy~Paris Made in France Bb Clarinet. I know nothing about clarinets. My sister played this in band during the mid 40’s. It is wood and marked Made in France.

Is Bundy a good instrument brand?

Some trumpet players love vintage Bundy trumpets. They can have a great sound despite being played for years. The brand was around for decades, so they had experience in creating high-quality instruments. A Bundy BTR-300 Student Bb Beginner Trumpet will do a great job in helping a new student learn music.

Where are Bundy clarinets made?

Selmer Bundy Bb Clarinet – Made in the USA – Completely Overhauled.

Who makes Bundy clarinet?

In 1948, Selmer produced the first successfully molded plastic clarinet called the Bundy Resonite 1400. The clarinet was modeled after the famous Selmer Paris BT clarinet used by notable artists like Benny Goodman.

Are Bundy instruments good?

Due to their solid construction and fair prices, Bundy instruments are highly-rated by music teachers, and are quite often the number one choice for novice musicians. Assembled with the strongest materials, Bundy instruments also include necessary extras like cases, mouthpieces and instrument care products.

Are Bundy clarinets still made?

These were introduced in 1948 and are still being made today as the Selmer 1400B. More than a million of these clarinets have been made. The Bundy 1400 was the first plastic clarinet to considered a complete success.