Is Drake a UK fan?

Is Drake a UK fan?

Drake is a Kentucky Wildcats Superfan – It’s no secret who Drake is rooting for and riding with to win the 2015 NCAA Tournament—it’s the Kentucky Wildcats, of course! Drizzy goes way back as a ride-or-die, loyal Kentucky fan.

Is Drake going to Big Blue Madness?

Hip-hop star Drake — a noted University of Kentucky basketball fan — made an appearance at Big Blue Madness on Friday. “Drake is on his way,” John Calipari said during his speech to the Rupp Arena crowd, which exploded with applause at that announcement.

Did Drake actually play at Kentucky?

Drake played basketball at UCLA in a full Kentucky uniform, and Kentucky loved it.

What is Drake’s connection to Kentucky?

Drake is from Toronto, but his father and the bulk of his family are from Memphis — where he spent many of his summers. “Memphis has a great team, but I just connected with Kentucky,” Drake says. “I performed there, it was just a lot of energy with myself and the University of Kentucky.”

What college is Drake a fan of?

In an April 2018 interview with TSN, Drake — whose legal name is Aubrey Drake Graham — said he’s been an Alabama fan since childhood when his mom would buy the merchandise for the “A” on it. There seems to be a trend there, as a look at Drake’s public displays of fandom shows he sports what’s given to him.

Did Drake ever play basketball?

The Drake Bulldogs men’s basketball team represents Drake University, located in Des Moines, Iowa, in NCAA Division I basketball competition and is coached by Darian DeVries….Drake Bulldogs men’s basketball.

Drake Bulldogs
University Drake University
Head coach Darian DeVries (3rd season)
Conference Missouri Valley
Location Des Moines, Iowa

Is Drake a Duke fan?

And two, we all know that Drake’s love for Duke won’t be official until he ends up at a Blue Devils’ practice and air-balls an uncontested three.

Who is Drake’s favorite football team?

These are all lies, but he’s probably a Giants fan (until February 2013). Who he should root for: Buffalo Bills. One of the NFL’s secret shames is that the Bills treasonously play some of their home games in Toronto. Only the sweet salve of Drake’s crooning can heal this festering wound in our national pride.

Is Drake a duke fan?

How did ninja meet Drake?

With the unplanned guest in-game, Ninja tried to contact Drake via text, noting that he wasn’t sure if Drake “meant to invite” him to the game before setting off to play together. At first, the account remained silent, which Ninja took as Drake getting set up to play with his own microphone.

What is Drake’s favorite college?

For one, Drake still made time to hang with John Calipari earlier this summer. And two, we all know that Drake’s love for Duke won’t be official until he ends up at a Blue Devils’ practice and air-balls an uncontested three.

What college does Drake like?

He maintains that he’s “always” been a Kentucky fan when asked. The rapper gave the Kentucky Wildcats a post-game speech after their big Final Four tournament win. Drake’s even suited up with the team for warmups.