Is Hitoka Yachi a girl?

Is Hitoka Yachi a girl?

Yachi is a petite, young girl with blonde hair that goes slightly past her chin and light brown eyes. She usually wears colorful star hairclips or hairbands on her left side ponytail. She usually has a cheerful expression. She has been noted by some guys (Yahaba, Kindaichi, Yamamoto, and Yamaguchi) to be cute.

What happens to Yachi Hitoka?

Following graduation, Hitoka Yachi goes to college and eventually moves on to work for an ad agency. What’s hilarious about her watching the Olympics in the final chapter of the series is that she’s clearly watching it on an iPad at her work desk.

Who did Yachi like?

In volume 11 of the Light Novel, Yaichi brings her back to his hometown then confesses his love for Ginko whereas she kindly reciprocates his feelings and became lovers then seals it off with a kiss albeit with a condition that they should keep it to themselves and seals off their feelings for the time being so that …

What is Yachi full name Haikyuu?

Hitoka Yachi (谷地 仁花, Yachi Hitoka) is a first-year student and the assistant manager of Karasuno’s volleyball club.

How old is Yachi now?


Romaji Yachi Hitoka
Age 16
Date of Birth September 4th
Height 149.7 cm (4’10.94″)
Weight 42.5 kg (93.7 lbs)

Did Yamaguchi and Yachi get married?

To answer your question: No, YamaYachi is not canon. Furudate may have implied feelings on Tadashi’s side (in all honesty I think there weren’t any), and there were no feelings implied or confirmed on Yachi’s side, and no feelings confirmed on Tadashi’s side.

Who is Kenma dating?

kuroo and kenma are dating and kuroo doesn’t realize it | Archive of Our Own.

Is kenma straight?

Jokes of the Show series. He is believed to be the cat version of Kenma Kozume….

Kenma Kageyama
Personal Status
Sexuality Straight
Relative(s) Yuki Kageyama (Owner)