Is Holland Park Sixth Form Good?

Is Holland Park Sixth Form Good?

Holland Park is a highly successful and over-subscribed comprehensive school in the heart of west central London. It is recognised as an ‘Outstanding’ school by Ofsted, and praised in the Good Schools Guide as having results which “speak for themselves”.

What is the catchment area for Holland Park School?

There is no pre-defined catchment area, but in recent years, last distance offered per band was such that it would be best to live North of High Street Kensington and South of Holland Park Avenue.

How many pupils does Holland Park school have?


Holland Park School
Gender Co-educational
Age 11 to 18
Enrolment 1,696 (2019)
Houses Anderson, Baker, Bennett, Chappell, Seeley

What grades do you need to get into Harris Westminster sixth form?

The offer of a place is conditional on performance at GCSE with a minimum requirement of 6 7s-9s including at least 7 (or A) grades in the subjects chosen for study but the majority of students accepted into the school have attainment far above this minimum.

What happened at Holland Park School?

An investigation into a London academy school has found safeguarding breaches and exploitation within teacher-student relationships. The investigation, undertaken by the board of governors at Holland Park School in west London, found a culture of “fear, favouritism and inequality”.

Is Westminster sixth form free?

“A selective sixth form that gives priority to poor teenagers has become England’s most successful free school after being judged outstanding in all areas.”

Is Harris Westminster Free?

The new Harris Westminster Sixth Form, which is being opened as part of the Free Schools programme, will offer 250 places in each year group to young people in London.

What happened at Eton?

Mistaken acceptance emails (2015) In July 2015, Eton accidentally sent emails to 400 prospective students, offering them conditional entrance to the school in September 2017. The email was intended for nine students, but an IT glitch caused it to be sent to 400 additional families, who did not all have a place.

What is Holland Park famous for?

What’s special about it? – Holland Park is the largest park in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, spanning 54 acres. The park includes facilities for tennis, football, golf, cricket and netball. Health walks are regularly scheduled in the park and it’s also a great place to go for a run.

Is Holland Park free?

Is Holland Park free? Yes, it is free to enter.