Is Hopsin considered a good rapper?

Is Hopsin considered a good rapper?

The undisputed king of underground hip-hop is a man by the name of Marcus Hopson, better known as Hopsin. Many truly believe he is the best rapper out. As an independent artist with his label Funk Volume, Hopsin has been selling out world tours for years, signed successful artists, and amassed a huge following.

What rappers does Hopsin like?

Hopsin brutally called out specific rappers such as Drake, Lil’ Wayne, Soulja Boy, and even Lupe Fiasco for being a so-called “skateboard rapper.”

What does Eminem think of Hopsin?

Back is 2018, Eminem gave shout out to Hopsin on a song “Fall,” from Kamikaze. Hopsin was left overwhelmed after discovering the reference on the song, where Eminem raps: “I belong here, clown, don’t tell me ’bout the culture. I inspire the Hopsins, the Logics, the Coles, the Seans, the K-Dots, the 5’9″s…”

Why are Hopsin’s eyes?

In 2004, Hopsin began wearing colored eye contacts in appearances in interviews, music videos, and performances. He stated that he used the contacts to give himself a memorable appearance and differentiate himself from other African American rappers.

Does Hopsin make his own beats?

“I make all my own beats and create it off the idea that I had,” he says. “I’ve been producing for 15 years and I can pinpoint what’s in my brain when it comes to beats. The beats that make it into a song are the ones that excite me and lend itself to the idea that was created.”

Will Eminem and Hopsin ever collab?

In a recent social media conversation with fans, Hopsin stated that he has no plans to involve Eminem anytime soon. Now it’s a surprise to know that Hopsin has never contacted Shady Records’ boss for a collaboration.

Who’s the most underrated rapper?

They might not have the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean underrated hip hop artists like Rico Nasty, AZ, and Stefflon Don aren’t worthy of praise for releasing fire albums and song collaborations, as well as heading out on worldwide tours. Other underrated 2019 rappers include Supa bwe, NF, and Hopsin.

What color are Hopsin’s contacts?

Quickly becoming a fan favorite with his incredible flow and sinister vibe, CES Cru’s Godemis has also drawn attention for sporting the white contact lenses made presently-famous by Hopsin, also another Strange Music fan favorite.