Is it difficult to publish in nature?

Is it difficult to publish in nature?

It may sound like a riddle—but according to a new study, it is in fact getting harder to publish in prestigious multidisciplinary journals such as Nature, Science, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences if you haven’t previously done so.

What changes can be seen in nature?

Geological upheaval, evolution, climatic cycles, fires, storms, and population dynamics see to it that Nature is always changing.

What are Nature partner journals?

About Nature Partner Journals Each Nature Partner Journal is a subject-specific title, with leading researchers acting as the Editor-in-Chief and wider editorial team, supported by a team of in-house PhD-trained Nature Research managing editors.

How many nature journals are there?

Understanding, debating & sharing science since 1869 32 Nature-branded original research journals, published monthly, across the life, physical, clinical and social sciences. These journals not only publish primary research but also reviews, critical comment and analysis.