Is iTop VPN trustworthy?

Is iTop VPN trustworthy?

iTop VPN is a safe VPN app. While it doesn’t employ the most advanced encryption protocols, it still protects your data. It has a strict no-logging policy and a kill-switch in case your internet connection fails abruptly.

Is iTop VPN completely free?

100% FREE. iTop VPN is the rare free VPN in the market, which provides free servers and will not sell your data to third parties.

What is iTop VPN used for?

iTop VPN has dedicated gaming servers — and a lot of them. On Windows, there are servers for PUBG, Roblox, and COD Warzone. In the Android app, there’s an even bigger list that includes: Mobile Legends, BGMI, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite, Free Fire, Genshin Impact, Brawl Stars, Roblox, Call of Duty Mobile, LOL: Wild Rift.

Is iTop VPN good for gaming?

iTop VPN is designed to be the most practical VPN for gaming. As a new entry to the market, the VPN offers decent quality service that can rival its big competitors like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. With iTop’s military-grade encryption, your private information stays safe while scoring more kills and wins in games.

Does iTop VPN sell your data?

It claims: ‘We do not log your activity while you are utilizing the Services, including your browsing history, the bandwidth you used, or how long you connected to VPN servers. We do not store your original IP address or the server IP address that you connect to. ‘

Is iTop VPN fast?

iTop VPN is the fastest VPN for free. It is a free military-grade VPN for Windows, iOS, Android that protects your identity online with its advanced encryption algorithm. It comes with an automatic kill switch that protects your activities even if the VPN unexpectedly disconnects.

Who is iTop?

iTop VPN is a free VPN service with an affordable paid plan and one or two unusual privacy extras. The free plan gives you 700MB of data per day (21GB per month), and a choice of 16 locations (including the US and UK), easily beating most of the competition.

Should I install iTop VPN?

Is iTop VPN Safe? The Safest VPN to Access the Internet Fast Free. Except for the features mentioned above about iTop VPN, iTop VPN is also the best free VPN for Windows, Android, and iOS without any doubt. It becomes more and more popular since it started.

Is iTop Screen Recorder safe?

Scam – Does not work, Immediately have to upgrade to paid version to save the recording.

Does iTop VPN work on Netflix?

While, iTop VPN is taken as the best free VPN to use for Netflix for it boasts big power to unblock geo-blocking and great performance enabling you watch HD/4K videos stably and smoothly. According to your needs, download the best VPN to use for Netflix streaming from anywhere now.

How do I uninstall iTop screen recorder?


  1. Windows 10: Open Start > Click Settings > Click Apps on the Settings menu > Select Programs & features or Apps & features from the left panel > Find iTop Screen Recorder and click Uninstall > Follow the on-screen prompts.
  2. Windows 8.1 & 8:
  3. Windows 7 and Windows Vista:
  4. Windows XP::

What is iTop screen recorder?

iTop Screen Recorder for steam is a free and easy-to-use PC screen recorder that helps you record HD videos with high FPS and no dropping frames. It’s perfect for recording fast-paced games.

How many people are using iTop?

In 2022, more than 20 million people are using it. On Google Play alone, iTop’s Android client recorded no less than five million installs within nine months after its rollout.

What are the pros and cons of iTop?

Decently big server network. iTop VPN has 1,800 servers in 100 countries, but it’s enough to access multiple streaming services, gaming and enable other online activities. Good security. iTop has military-grade protection and additional features like a kill switch and adblocker, so you will be protected against internet threats. Terrible privacy.

Can I use iTop on other operating systems?

iTop is only available on Windows, Android, and iOS. There are no native apps or alternative options for installing the app on other operating systems or routers. Considering that other VPNs offer apps for all major platforms and even routers, this lack of compatibility is far from ideal.

Is iTop VPN any good?

iTop VPN Short Review iTop VPN has a lot of advantages. The interface is better suited for people that want to customize their VPN experience. It’s also a relatively fast VPN, and it offers enhanced security with essential features like a kill switch.