Is Kirino Ranmaru a girl?

Is Kirino Ranmaru a girl?

He is a feminine boy who is said to often get mistaken for a girl due to his girlish appearance and graceful movements. He was the fifth member of Raimon to participate in the revolution.

What is Kirino gender?

Kirino Ranmaru
Gender ♂ Male
Position Defender
Number 3
Element Wood

Is Kariya Masaki a seed?

In episode 22, he replaces Shinsuke’s position in the match and said he was a SEED, but it was simply a lie to wind up Kirino.

Who is shindou Takuto?

Shindou Takuto ( 神童 しんどう 拓人 たくと ) is one of the main protagonists of the Inazuma Eleven GO series. He was a forward in the past, midfielder and also the captain for Raimon. After he got hospitalized, he decided that Matsukaze Tenma should become captain for Raimon.

Does Kirino love Brother?

As these life counseling sessions continue, she slowly develops a sense of dependency to her brother. Later on, it has been confirmed in the light novel series that she is in love with her brother Kyousuke; this is shown by Kirino’s increasingly jealous attitude towards any girls who become too close to her brother.

Who does kyousuke end up with in anime?

Kyousuke and Ruri still date and break up, however the final chapter has Kyousuke and Ruri eventually getting married with two daughters and at least one more child on the way.

Is ranmaru a girl?

He is occasionally portrayed as a woman, for instance in the stage play and anime series Nobunaga the Fool and the tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Gaim. Ranmaru has also been the subject of modern music, such as KAT-TUN’s 1582 which is written from the perspective of Mori Ranmaru at the Incident at Honnouji.

How old is Naoko pumpkin night?

Naoko Kirino
Age: 16
Occupation: Student (Formerly) Serial Killer
Religion: Unknown
Affiliation: herself

Who is Nanobana Kinako?

Nanobana Kinako ( 菜花 なのばな 黄名子 きなこ ) is one of the major supporting characters in the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series. She joins Raimon as a defender and later Mixi Maxed with Master Dragon to become a defender of Chrono Storm.