Is Paltan movie based on real story?

Is Paltan movie based on real story?

The lead characters are all based on real-life soldiers who fought in 1967. Arjun Rampal plays the role of Col. Rai Singh, who was commanding a unit at the border outpost at Nathu La when the Chinese attacked.

Who makes the most from a movie?

Here are a few examples:

  • Director of Photography: $900,000.
  • Production Designer: $779,688.
  • Lead Actor #1: $12 milion.
  • Lead Actor #2: $4.5 million.
  • Lead Actor #3: $1.5 million.
  • Dialect Coach for Lead Actor #3: $45,800.
  • Assistant #2 for Lead Actor #1: $34,000.
  • Parking Coordinator: $35,040.

What is the story of movie Paltan?

Indian and Chinese forces clash along the Sikkim border in the aftermath of the 1962 Sino-Indian War.Paltan / Film synopsis

Who won Indo China War 1967?

Indian victory

Nathu La and Cho La Clashes
Date 11–14 September 1967 (Nathu La) 1 October 1967 (Cho La) Location Nathu La and Cho La, on the border between China and the Kingdom of Sikkim Result Indian victory Chinese offensives on Nathu La and Cho La repelled
India China
Commanders and leaders

What is Paltan in army?

A paltan is a battalion, a self-contained, composite unit with an area of responsibility (AOR) and a commanding officer (CO). Every paltan is fully equipped down to its own doctor and priest. From its regiment, it inherits its language, uniform, greeting, drinking songs, motto and battle cry.

Who is Jyoti Dutta?

Jyoti Prakash Dutta (born 3 October 1949) is an Indian Bollywood film producer, writer and director, best known for making patriotic action war films.

Who is Mr O P Dutta?

O P Dutta : Filmography (Mr O P Dutta is the father of Mr J P Dutta, though a film director in his own right he also writes story and screenplays for Hindi films and is of late also writing dialogues for his son Mr J P Dutta’s films)

What is the personal life of Dutta?

Personal life. Dutta is married to the Bollywood film actress Bindiya Goswami with whom he has two daughters Nidhi and Siddhi.

Why did Dutta abandon his first film’Sarhad’?

Dutta is best known for his war-related movies. He had to abandon his first film ‘Sarhad’ due to the money factors. His brother, Deepak Dutta, was a squadron leader in the Indian Air Force who died on duty. Dutta’s first film ‘Sarhad’ starring Vinod Khanna, which was not released, was a tribute to him.