Is pegswood a nice place to live?

Is pegswood a nice place to live?

“Good local facilities such as the first school and excellent transport links including a much-improved road system and main line railway station with direct access to Newcastle have helped make Pegswood the ideal destination for a whole range of buyers from first-timers to professional families.

Why is pegswood called pegswood?

Another theory is that the element Peg- derives from the Anglo-Saxon word pecg meaning pig. Pegswood started as a small farming settlement, yet with the discovery of coal and the opening of Pegswood colliery, the village expanded to accommodate miners in 1872.

Should I move to Northumberland?

Northumberland is also excellent value for money, with the cost of housing and living meaning your money goes much further. Towns and villages such as Alnwick often feature in The Sunday Times’ Best Places to Live.

Where should I live on the Northumberland coast?

These are the best places to begin your house hunt in Northumberland, according to house-hunting site Zoopla.

  1. Alnwick. Unfortunately the castle isn’t for sale, but Alnwick has plenty of period terraced and stone townhouses.
  2. Ashington.
  3. Morpeth.
  4. Corbridge.

Where is the best place to live in Northumberland?

The Northumberland market town of Hexham has been crowned the Happiest Place to Live in the UK for 2021, according to Rightmove’s annual Happy at Home Index. Regaining the top spot which it last held back in 2019, research found that residents of the market town were happier than any other area.

What is the prettiest village in Northumberland?

survey, Bamburgh is one of the most well-loved villages in Northumberland thanks to its famous castle and beautiful beach. Celebrated for its beaches, tourists attractions, value for money and jaw dropping scenery, Bamburgh made its way to the top.

Where can I retire in Northumberland?

Best villages in Northumberland

  • Corbridge: A historic village in Northumberland. Corbridge is a historic village which sits on the River Tyne in the picturesque Tyne Valley and is a very popular place to live in Northumberland.
  • Wylam: Tyne Valley commuter village.
  • Ponteland: Exclusive property for sale.

Is Northumberland a good place to retire?