Is tallow good for decking?

Is tallow good for decking?

Prized for its beautiful blonde-brown to slightly olive green colour, tallowwood (or tallow wood) is an excellent option for decking timber and a flooring material both indoors and out. For a number of reasons, tallowwood is a particularly good choice for decking.

What colour is tallowwood?

The heartwood ranges from pale golden yellow to dark yellow brown, occasionally a slight pinkish colour can be sourced. The texture of the timber is moderately coarse, generally with an interlocked grain relatively free of gum veins. Figure is lacking, but tallowwood has a distinctive lustre and greasy appearance.

What does tallowwood look like?

Tallowwood heartwood is pale to darker yellow-brown with a noticeably lighter, almost white sapwood. This wood has a fairly coarse texture with an interlocking grain. As the word ‘tallow’ suggests, the timber of this species feels greasy to the touch.

Which timber is best for decking?

Hardwood Species

  • Ironbark is the most durable hardwood for decking and offers longevity. It is extremely fire, termite and rot resistant.
  • Spotted Gum is widely used for decking on account of its durability and strength.
  • Yellow and red stringybark are durable enough for outdoor use.

How do you identify tallowwood?

Distinctive Characteristics: This evergreen tree has soft, spongy, red-brown bark that is rough and fibrous, with surface pores and horizontal cracks. The base can form buttressed roots and burls. The special characteristic and name-giving feature is the greasy feel of the wood.

Is tallowwood a hard wood?

Tallowwood is an extremely hard, durable and versatile Australian native hardwood species. Its timber products are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Is tallowwood a hardwood?

Is tallow wood a good firewood?

When it is dried adequately, tallow wood burns well in fireplaces. It burns rapidly and produces a lot of heat, an attribute of many softwoods used in fireplaces. It does not lead to creosote buildup. Texans who value its pleasant odor when burning have used it for barbecues.

What is tallow wood good for?

Construction uses range from unseasoned framing to dressed timber cladding, internal and external flooring, linings and joinery. Tallowwood is also used in fencing, landscaping, and the construction of retaining walls. Decorative uses include outdoor furniture, turnery and joinery.