Is there a Toyota Harrier?

Is there a Toyota Harrier?

Toyota is making the new Harrier model available through its Toyota dealers nationwide as of June 17. Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announced that it plans to release its new model Harrier in around June 2020.

How many types of Toyota Harrier are there?

Trim levels include Grand, Elegance, Premium, Elegance GS, and Premium Advanced. The Toyota Harrier Hybrid continues to be sold with a single engine: a 2493cc I4 gasoline engine to supplement the Kumiawara electric drive system. The hybrid has a fuel efficiency rating of 21.8 km/l.

Is Toyota Harrier and Lexus the same?

Only the top spec Toyota Harriers can match the Lexus RX cars trim for trim and engine for engine. However, while the Toyota Harrier can be had with smaller engines, some of which have 4 cylinders, the Lexus RXs are all 6-cylinder cars. Meanwhile, the Lexus is also available as a hybrid, while the Harrier is not.

Is Toyota Harrier worth buying?

The Harrier gets many things right and ticks a lot of premium boxes in the process. The radical redesign creates a strong presence, as it looks unlike most cars on the road today. Along with a very comfortable driving experience and a rather comprehensive kit list, it makes for a pretty enticing luxury SUV.

Is Toyota Harrier a Lexus?

In export markets, the Harrier was rebadged as the Lexus RX from March 1998 to December 2008….

Toyota Harrier
Manufacturer Toyota
Also called Lexus RX (1998–2013) Toyota Venza (North America and China, 2020–present)
Production December 1997 – present
Body and chassis

How much does a Harrier cost in Kenya?

2017 Model: KES 4,010,000 – KES 4,400,000. 2018 Model: KES 4,420,000 – KES 4,800,000. 2019 Model: KES 4,800,000 – KES 5,100,000. 2020 Model: KES 5,060,000 – KES 5,400,000….Toyota Harrier for Sale in Kenya – 2015 to 2022 Import Price.

Model Import Price
2018 KES 4,030,000 – KES 4,400,000
2019 KES 4,900,000 – KES 5,200,000

Are Harriers good cars?

Basically, it’s a good car at this price range and also nice looking. But the problem is about its power delivery, it has a good mid-range but its top end is weak compared to other models like Jeep Compass, XUV500. Harrier’s interior is looking much premium.

Is Toyota Harrier fuel consumption?

The fuel consumption of the Toyota Harrier is 8.3L/100km (the most fuel-efficient), and the highest fuel consumption is 8.3L/100km….Toyota Harrier Variant Fuel. Consumption.

2021 Toyota Harrier 2.0 Luxury Consumption
Owners Result 6.5 L/100km