Is Whitton a nice place to live?

Is Whitton a nice place to live?

Whitton is highly recommended. Whitton is a lovely place to live, some beautiful leafy roads, great schools and good local services.

What is Whitton famous for?

Whitton was responsible for the construction of parts of the Main Western railway line, in particular the section over the Blue Mountains and the Lithgow Zig Zag, and much of the Main Southern railway line….

John Whitton
Known for Australian and English railway engineering
Spouse(s) Elizabeth, née Fowler (m. 1856)

Which London borough is Whitton in?

London Borough of Richmond upon ThamesWhitton / London boroughThe London Borough of Richmond upon Thames in southwest London forms part of Outer London and is the only London borough on both sides of the River Thames. It was created in 1965 when three smaller council areas amalgamated under the London Government Act 1963. Wikipedia

Is Twickenham a rough area?

5) Twickenham Riverside – 98 The fifth most dangerous area in Richmond is Twickenham Riverside, with crimes 98 reported in March.

When was Whitton High Street built?

The opening of the railway station in 1930 and the building of the Chertsey Road led to enormous expansion of the village. Percy Road, running between The Nelson and the railway, became the High Street in 1938.

What postcode is Whitton?

This page combines information for the address High Street, Whitton, Twickenham, TW2 7LW, and the neighbourhood in which it resides….Basic Information.

Area Type Urban
Ward Whitton
Constituency Twickenham
Region London
Country England

When did the Zig Zag Railway close?

16 October 1910

Zig Zag Railway
Commercial history
Opened 18 October 1869
Closed 16 October 1910
Preserved era 18 October 1975 – present

Why is Whitton called Whitton?

The surname Whitton was first found in various shires throughout ancient Britain. The name Whitton literally means “white farmstead,” or “farmstead of a man called Hwita,” from the Old English words “hwit,” + “tun. Witton which is a phonetic match, is similarly found throughout England.

Is Whitton in Hounslow or Richmond?

Whitton is an area in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, England.