Upon admission to virtually any prestigious university or college, the admissions committee requests a college admission essay.

What is an essay? Why should I write it?

An essay is an author’s prose essay of small volume and free composition. The purpose of the essay is expressed in the realization of expression of student’s thoughts, ideas and opinions on a specific subject. Most often the volume of the college admission essay does not exceed 500 words. The task of the student is to explain:

  • why he chose this university or college;
  • the reasons why the selection committee should choose it.

Such task may seem an unimportant addition to the package of documents, but in fact, very often it is the college admission essay that is decisive when you enter a university. We have prepared for you a few tips to help you successfully write an introductory essay and enrol in the school of your dreams. Or you can ask for help in college admission essay writing service , where you can choose one of the professional authors who will write you a quality introductory essay.

Take it seriously

Each university has specific requirements for the design and content of the introductory essay. If you want to enter this university, then you should carefully read all the requirements and write exactly the essay that the selection committee wants to see. In the event that you neglect such a simple task, the admissions committee will take this into account and deny you, as it considers that you will not cope with your studies.

A good introduction guarantees success by half

Any successful work, especially such a small in volume as an essay, should catch the attention of the reader from the very first words. This is especially important for a college admission essay since the admissions committee reads thousands of introductory essays every year, they are familiar with all the patterns and platitudes. Therefore, it is important to hook the reader with something interesting from the very beginning. It could be some interesting story or fact about you. Try to avoid template expressions at least at the beginning of your introductory essay.

Express yourself

The main goal that the selection committee pursues when it asks to send an introductory essay is to get acquainted with applicants from a distance. So you should be honest while writing your essay. Try to show all your strengths, but do not exaggerate them, and you should not be too modest. Your true thoughts and ideas are of interest to the selection committee, so your sincerity will make a good impression on them.

Avoid clichés

Of course, you read examples of introductory essays by other students before you write your own. But you should be careful, as you can get under the influence of these works by copying phrases, sayings, ideas, even style. The selection committee will receive thousands of such essays, so your task is to be original and make your essay outstanding compared to others. Originality is one of the most important evaluation criteria.

Follow the plan and reinforce ideas with facts

Even a small prose work as an essay has its own structure, which makes it understandable and logical. Therefore, it is important to plan in advance what you want to reveal in your introductory essay and fit it into the essay structure. General requirements for the essay:

  1. The essay is small in scope, therefore it is important to state the information clearly and clearly.
  2. Author’s opinion. The essay does not claim to be scientific or absolute truth. Write an essay in the first person, expressing your thoughts and ideas.
  3. Use journalistic style. Although it is worth noting that elements of other styles are allowed since the form of the essay is fairly free.

In addition, it is not necessary to be unfounded, any idea and statement supported by facts, stories from life.