What are Co-op points?

What are Co-op points?

When members swipe their Co-op Membership cards, they earn 5% back on what they spent on Co-op branded products and services. They can redeem that 5% at any point against any transaction.

How do you redeem Co-op points?

To redeem Co-op rewards in-store, simply scan your Co-op card. You can redeem your rewards at self-service checkouts or you can ask the cashier to redeem rewards for you. If you wish to donate your Co-op rewards, you can do so via the Co-op app. Go to the membership tab and scroll down to ‘Donate Your Balance’.

How do Co-op dividend points work?

You can spend your dividend in store, deposit it in your member share account or donate it to our Community Cares Fund – it’s up to you. Don’t forget, you’ll need your membership card with you when redeeming your dividend vouchers or paying them into your share account.

Do you get money back from Co-op?

Local Co-ops often share any profits realized in a year with their members. The Board of Directors approves an amount, which is returned to members as a percentage of their yearly purchases. Members will receive some of this in cash and the rest will be deposited into an equity savings account that grows over time.

How do I check my coop points?

You can view your points balances at any time, split by financial year, by logging into your online member dashboard at mid.coop/account.

Is it worth becoming a co-op member?

Membership gives you money back every time you buy selected items at Co-op, plus they will donate money to community organisations and local causes. As a member, you will receive personalised offers each week for money off certain products and exclusive member discounts.

What are the benefits of being a cooperative member?

Members and employees are often entitled to special discounts, deals, education, training, services and sometimes even a dividend check at the end of each year. Most often, people won’t receive these benefits without becoming a member. Membership entitles people to a voice in the operation of the organization.

How do I spend my co-op dividend?

To spend your Personal Member Reward, you must present your Membership card or give us your Membership number when you pay (depending on which Co-op business you’re buying from).

How do I claim my dividends?

If dividends are paid, a company will declare the amount of the dividend, and all holders of the stock (by the ex-date) will be paid accordingly on the subsequent payment date. Investors who receive dividends may decide to keep them as cash or reinvest them in order to accumulate more shares.

Is Coop T4A taxable?

The T4A reflects the member refund made to you in the previous year. Member Refunds are not necessarily taxable. Member Refunds earned on consumer goods (i.e. groceries, household items, gasoline for private car use) are not subject to tax.