What are implications in research?

What are implications in research?

Research implications are basically the conclusions that you draw from your results and explain how the findings may be important for policy, practice, or theory. They are specific suggestions that you make with regard to further research on the topic.

What is policy recommendation?

A policy recommendation is simply written policy advice prepared for some group that has the authority to make decisions, whether that is a Cabinet, council, committee or other body. Policy recommendations are the key means through which policy decisions are made in most levels of government.

How do you write an actionable recommendation?

How to write actionable policy recommendationsEnsure that you have identified your target audience beforehand. Be very clear about what the current policy you want to change is.Set the scene: Identify the shortfalls of the current policy.

What is an actionable recommendation?

Reporting supports action by providing decision makers with recommendations. You are responsible for providing decision makers with useful recommendations, based on analysis of the available evidence.

What is actionable content?

Actionable content is content that can be easily implemented and acted upon by readers. Whether it’s blog posts, articles, or other content marketing materials, this type of content is typically informative, relevant, entertaining, and unique.