What are off seasonal vegetables?

What are off seasonal vegetables?

Vegetables which can be cultivated as off season are: Cabbage Leafy vegetables. Cauliflower Beans. Capsicum Pointed gourds. Tomato Turnip. Brinjal Okra.

What are examples of off season vegetable farming?

Some off-season vegetables of a region may be seasonal for another region. Radish, cauliflower, cabbage, and Raayo are grown in the months of Chaitra or Baishakh in the high hilly regions as seasonal vegetables whereas these vegetables in these months are off-season for the basins and Terai region.

What are the difference between seasonal and off seasonal vegetable farming?

Different vegetable grows in the different environment. A vegetable that can adjust to all kind of temperature is the seasonal vegetable. A vegetable which is grown in any season using technology is an off-season vegetable.

What are the advantages of off season vegetable production?

The main advantage of off-season vegetables is to ensure food security during the scarce period to promote seasonal employment and to ensure high price for farmers.

How Polyhouse help cultivate off-season crop?

Benefits of Polyhouse Farming Your plants are grown under controlled temperature thus there is less chances of crop loss or damage. You can grow crops throughout the year and will not have to wait for any particular season. There are less pests and insects in a polyhouse.

What are the different types of vegetable farming?

Kitchen gardening.

  • Market gardening.
  • Truck gardening.
  • Vegetable forcing.
  • Gardening for processing.
  • Garden for vegetable seed production.
  • Floating garden.
  • Organic vegetable gardening.
  • What is off-season in crop production?

    According to Mr. Rondal, off-season vegetable production technology is the application of practical knowledge in growing vegetable crops that are not in season (from the month of June to November in the Philippines).

    What vegetables grow in polyhouse?

    Polyhouse cultivation is used mainly for the following purposes

    • Raising of seedlings in the nurseries.
    • Raising of exotic vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, water melon, summer squash etc.
    • Raising of vegetable crops like Capsicum, Tomato, Cucumber, Brinjal, Cabbage.

    Which is better greenhouse or polyhouse?

    Difference between Greenhouse and Polyhouse Farming Lath house is one more greenhouse technology where wood is used as the cover. Poly house is cheaper as compared to greenhouse but the later is more long-lasting than polyhouse.

    Do farmers have an off-season?

    Many farmers have off-season jobs that sustain them through the winter months — and often even through the summer ones. In the United States, consumers tend to be unwilling to pay for the high costs involved in food production because we have made food extremely cheap to buy.

    How do farmers grow crops in winter?

    Farmers are finding ways to grow vegetables during the cold months, and they’re doing so with large unheated hoophouses, heated greenhouses, or small “low tunnels.” These structures provide farmers with an attractive environment protected from snow, frost, wind, and excess rain, and allow the grower to control the …

    Which vegetables are grown in Polyhouse farming?

    In polyhouse farming, vegetables like colored capsicum are being grown on a large scale. In India, flowers like carnation, roses, gerbera and some other flowers are being grown in poly houses. The crop selection depends on the poly house location, nearest market, and demand for produce.

    How to maintain the Polyhouse farming system?

    In the semi-automatic control system, manual adjustments are necessary to maintain the Polyhouse farming in good condition. In an automatic system, pre-settings are sufficient for the maintenance of Polyhouse farming. Proper alertness and technical skills must be needed while managing semi-automatic Polyhouse.

    Which is better open field cultivation or polyhouse cultivation?

    Also, the quality of produce is better than the open field cultivation. The yield under polyhouse or greenhouse cultivation can be achieved to the level of 4 to 8 times as compared to the open field crop cultivation.

    What is the yield of Polyhouse or greenhouse cultivation?

    The yield under polyhouse or greenhouse cultivation can be achieved to the level of 4 to 8 times as compared to the open field crop cultivation.