What are some search strategies?

What are some search strategies?

  • Choose search terms.
  • Search with keywords.
  • Search for the exact phrase.
  • Truncation and wildcard searches.
  • Use adjacency searching for more accurate results.
  • Searching with subject headings.
  • Use Boolean logic to combine search terms.
  • Citation searching.

What is a literature review strategy?

The literature review is a critical look at the existing research that is significant to the work that you are carrying out. This overview identifies prominent research trends in addition to assessing the overall strengths and weaknesses of the existing research.

What are examples of GREY literature?

Examples of grey literature include:

  • government reports.
  • policy statements and issues papers.
  • conference proceedings.
  • pre-prints and post-prints of articles.
  • theses and dissertations.
  • research reports.
  • geological and geophysical surveys.
  • maps.

How do you write a literature search strategy?

What is a search strategy?

  1. define and write down your research question – what is it that you are going to research?
  2. identify, and keep a record of key words, terms and phrases.
  3. identify keyword synonyms, use database Thesauri or Subject Headings;
  4. determine a timeframe from your research, if needed.

How do you record a literature search?

Record your search

  1. Create a document listing all the keywords and subject headings you need for your search.
  2. Save your search strategy from each database – use the workspace in each database to save your final search. Or simply print it out.
  3. You’ll find it helpful to keep a simple spreadsheet recording the databases you have searched.

How do you conduct a GREY literature search?

To carry out a thorough search of the literature, it is necessary to look beyond conventionally published books and journals. You will also need to identify work that is either unpublished or has been published in non-commercial form. This material is called Grey Literature.