What are the different levels of SRAM MTB components?

What are the different levels of SRAM MTB components?

Here’s a guide to each of SRAM’s individual groupsets within their extensive MTB hierarchy.

  • SRAM X5. An entry-level model in SRAM’s drivetrain selection, X5 is by no means one to ignore.
  • SRAM X7.
  • SRAM X9.
  • SRAM NX.
  • SRAM GX.
  • SRAM X0.
  • SRAM X01.
  • SRAM XX.

What is the SRAM hierarchy?

SRAM essentially has four road groupsets, Red eTap being the lightest and most expensive – the one used by SRAM’s professional road racers – followed by Force, Rival, and finally Apex at the mid-range to entry-level variants.

What are the levels of SRAM Eagle?

Currently, SRAM offers Eagle at five different levels ranging from the most budget-friendly Eagle SX to their top-shelf Eagle XX1. The models that range in between are the bread and butter of the Eagle line, each with some distinct differences in their offerings.

Which is higher SX or NX?

Comparing the DUB variants of the SX and NX cranksets, the main differences are that the SX chainring is tough but heavier, as it’s made of stamped steel, whereas the NX ring is stamped alloy. Both SX and NX Eagle use forged aluminum cranks, but NX uses a superior 6000-series alloy.

Which is better XX1 or X01?

In total, there is a difference of 48 grams between XX1 and X01. They are functionally identical, but if you’re really counting grams go for XX1. Otherwise, our recommendation is just to pick whichever one matches your bike better!

Which is better SRAM xo1 or XX1?

XX1 is for the weight weenie, cross country racer, or light trail rider. It’s for someone who is looking to shave grams, which comes at the cost of not being quite as durable. SRAM X01 is made to take more of a beating. With more alloy parts, X01 is made for the heavy trail rider or enduro racer.

What is SRAM SX equivalent to in Shimano?

I find it easier to think of X01 and XX1 as two different versions of the same top-tier drivetrain, both competing with Shimano XTR. These are the drivetrains chosen by professional racers, with XX1 more often used in XC racing and X01 in enduro racing….Component hierarchy.

Shimano SRAM
Deore XT GX

Is NX Eagle better than deore?

NX Eagle’s shifting isn’t as crisp as Deore’s, where each shift has significantly more definition. The Deore derailleur’s clutch is adjustable – compared to NX’s non-adjustable version – and controlled the chain better than NX.

What level is SRAM SX Eagle?

SRAM SX Eagle The SX Eagle groupset sits at the lowest rung of SRAM’s 12-speed Eagle drivetrain lineup, but all the components share a similar outline, most obviously in the largest 50T sprocket of the cassette.

Why is SRAM XX1 so expensive?

A giant spread of gears. This two-piece cassette is partly why the XX1 setup is so expensive. Once SRAM figure out how to construct this cassette using a cheaper method then expect to see big cassettes on A LOT of bikes. Photo: Seb Kemp.