What are types of hierarchies in Obiee?

What are types of hierarchies in Obiee?

Types of Level-based Hierarchies

  • Unbalanced Hierarchies. Unbalanced hierarchies are those where all the lower levels don’t have the same depth.
  • Skip Level Hierarchies. In skip-level hierarchies, few members don’t have values at higher level.
  • Dimension with Parent-child Hierarchies.

How do I create a hierarchy in Obiee?

Creating Logical Dimensions with Level-Based Hierarchies in OBIEE

  1. Open the Repository in Offline Mode.
  2. Create a Logical Dimension for Product.
  3. Associate Logical Columns with Logical Levels.
  4. Set Logical Level Keys.

What is ragged hierarchy in Obiee?

Ragged Hierarchy: A Ragged hierarchy is a hierarchy which has unbalanced child attributes. In the example below C1 doesn’t have a child(level D)attribute while C2 has child attributes(level D). It is unbalanced.

How do I create a parent-child hierarchy in Obiee?

Perform either of the following steps listed below:

  1. Right-click the business model object and select New Object -> Logical Dimension -> Dimension with Parent-child hierarchy.
  2. Right-click the logical dimension table and select Create Logical Dimension -> Dimension with Parent-Child hierarchy.

What is level based hierarchy?

As the name implies Level-Based Hierarchies are used when your data has different levels of data. Some examples are Division > Region > State > City > Store and Product Category > Sub-Category > Product. In Level-Based Hierarchy, the upper levels will be properties of the dimension.

What is chronological key in Obiee 11g?

So the chronological key is the key which tells the obiee that the data is incrementing based on the chronological column. Here you may get another doubt. i.e. you are having columns like year, half_year, quarter, month, week and day.

What are dimension hierarchies?

Dimension hierarchies define structural and mathematical relationships, and consolidations between members in the database. Relationships are represented graphically in a collapsible hierarchy diagram. The levels below the database name are dimensions, and the levels below each dimension are members.

What is parent/child hierarchy in Obiee?

A parent-child hierarchy is a hierarchy of members that all have the same type. This contrasts with level-based hierarchies, where members of the same type occur only at a single level of the hierarchy.

What is parent/child hierarchy?

A parent-child hierarchy is a hierarchy in a dimension that is based on two table columns. Together, these columns define the hierarchical relationships among the members of the dimension. The first column, called the member key column, identifies each dimension member.

What is level based measures in Obiee 11g?

Level-based measures are created to perform calculation at a specific level of aggregation. They allow to return data at multiple levels of aggregation with one single query. It also allows to create share measures.

What are dimensions hierarchies give three examples?

Hierarchy. Some dimensions can have multiple levels forming a hierarchy. For example dates have year, month, day; geography has country, region, city; product might have category, subcategory and the product.

What is level-based hierarchy in obiee 11g?

Hierarchies (Level-based hierarchy) in OBIEE 11G A hierarchy is a cascaded series of many-to-one relationships and consists of different levels. Example, a region hierarchy is defined with the levels Region, State, and City.

What is the architecture of Oracle Business Intelligence 11g system?

OBIEE 11G ARCHITECTURE WITH EXPLANATION By kashifon July 18, 2013 5242660550897687 Below diagram describes the standard logical architecture of Oracle business intelligence 11g system The entire system architecture is called BI Domain, this BI Domain divided into Java components and non-Java components.

Is obiee doing good with ETL space?

Replies kashif26 January 2014 at 07:03 Mahender, OBIEE is doing good with ETL space, I call it has Data warehousing space. Delete Replies Reply Reply Unknown16 March 2014 at 23:56 HI KASHIF,

What are the different types of hierarchies in BMM?

Hierarchies is a series of many-to-one relationships and can be of different levels. A Region hierarchy consists of: Region → Country → State → City → Street. Hierarchies follow top-down or bottom-up approach. Logical dimensions or dimension hierarchies are created in BMM layer. There are two types of dimensional hierarchies that are possible −