What brand of Sax did Gerry Mulligan?

What brand of Sax did Gerry Mulligan?

His pianoless quartet of the early 1950s with trumpeter Chet Baker is still regarded as one of the best cool jazz groups. Mulligan was also a skilled pianist and played several other reed instruments….

Gerry Mulligan
Instruments Baritone saxophone piano
Years active 1946–1996

How long do Sax mouthpieces last?

In general, mouthpieces DO wear down over time due to the normal wear and tear that it is subject to during performance, as well as breakdown from saliva. Even the reed vibration alone is enough to, over time, physically change a mouthpiece. On average, regular players seem to notice these changes after 2-3 years.

Are saxophone mouthpieces universal?

Saxophone mouthpieces come in a variety of different sizes and are made of different materials. The size of each mouthpiece refers to the tip opening. Like reeds, different mouthpiece brands have different ways of referring to the size of the tip opening, usually either numerical or alphabetical.

What Horn did Gerry Mulligan?

“Gerry Mulligan would not, could not, be categorized, and he flourished through changing times, in many cultures, and with many musical voices ranging from the baritone saxophone that was his principal instrument, to the full orchestra.”

How good are Vandoren mouthpieces?

The Vandoren M13 Lyre is a great mouthpiece for beginner, intermediate and advanced clarinetists. The M13 Lyre provides a rich, deep and well-projected sound. It is also a great mouthpiece for playing in the high registers of the clarinet.

Why are saxophone mouthpieces so expensive?

Mouthpieces cost what they do because the guy who makes the mouthpiece has to eat, pay rent, drive around town and do everything a person who wants to have a life in this culture does. There are VERY few makers on this planet getting rich. The design and production of these items is often in itself very expensive.

Who made the first gale mouthpiece?

Gale mouthpieces were made by Carl Satzinger, who was M.C. Gregory’s son-in-law and protégé in 1946. Carl was married to Gregories daughter Maxine. Carl Satzinger designed the molds for Gale Mouthpieces. Gale Products, Inc., incorporated in 1948, two years after Satzinger started making the Gale moiuthpieces.

How many Gregory Diamond and Master mouthpieces were made?

There were less than 20,000 Gregory Diamond and Master model mouthpieces made in the 22 years they were manufactured between 1946 and 1968. This mouthpiece was made as the successor to the Model A, being made after the Model A was discontinued. These have more of a squared off shank and the top bite area is not quite as thin.

What is the difference between a gale and Gregory mouthpiece?

These had a very thin bite section like the Model A Gregory and were produced just after World War II in Hollywood, California. The Gale mouthpieces do not have chamber sizes. ; They all are equivalent to the Gregory 18 (Medium) chamber. The Gale ‘Circle logo’ came in several styles.

What is the difference between Roy Maier and Gregory Diamond mouthpiece?

The Roy Maier mouthpiece was released just before the M.C. Gregory Diamond mouthpiece. The two mouthpieces are very similar. Both say ‘Los Angeles’, both are made from ‘Resonite’, the new resin material Rico claimed to be waterproof. The Gregory ‘Diamond’ model mouthpiece succeeded the Gregory Model B in 1946.