What did Ibn Al Nafis discover?

What did Ibn Al Nafis discover?

the pulmonary circulation
As an early anatomist, Ibn al-Nafis also performed several human dissections during the course of his work, making several important discoveries in the fields of physiology and anatomy. Besides his famous discovery of the pulmonary circulation, he also gave an early insight of the coronary and capillary circulations.

What books did Ibn Al Nafis write?

MAJOR WORKS BY IBN AL-NAFIS Ibn al-Nafis wrote one of the largest books (Al-Shamil fi al-Tibb, The Comprehensive Book of Medicine), which he planned as an encyclopedia with 300 volumes but did not finish. He also wrote a book on ophthalmology and a book on the effects of diet on health Kitab al-Mukhtar fi al-Aghdhiya.

Where was Ibn al Nafis from?

Damascus, SyriaIbn al-Nafis / Place of birthDamascus is the capital of Syria, the oldest capital in the world and, according to some, the fourth holiest city in Islam.
It is colloquially known in Syria as aš-Šām and titled the “City of Jasmine”. Damascus is a major cultural center of the Levant and the Arab world. Wikipedia

Who first discovered blood circulation?

William Harvey
William Harvey and the discovery of the circulation of the blood.

Why is Ibn al Nafis famous?

Ibn al-Nafis wrote in a wide array of fields, including physiology, medicine, ophthalmology, embryology, psychology, philosophy, law, and theology. He is famous for providing the first description of the pulmonary circulation.

What is the meaning of Avicenna?

Avicenna. / (ˌævɪˈsɛnə) / noun. Arabic name ibn-Sina. 980–1037, Arab philosopher and physician whose philosophical writings, which combined Aristotelianism with neo-Platonist ideas, greatly influenced scholasticism, and whose medical work Qanun was the greatest single influence on medieval medicine.

What is the meaning of Nafis?

Precious. Exquisite
In Muslim Baby Names the meaning of the name Nafis is: Precious. Exquisite.

What is the meaning of Nafis in Urdu?

Muslim Meaning: The name Nafis is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Nafis is: Precious. Exquisite.

When was Ibn al Nafis born?

1213Ibn al-Nafis / Date of birth
Ibn al-Nafis was an Arab physician, scientist, and philosopher who was born in 1213 in Damascus and died in1288 in Cairo. He studied medicine in Damascus and moved to Egypt to practice medicine where he became the chief physician in the Mansouri Bimaristan.