What does auto mean on a timer?

What does auto mean on a timer?

automatic timer
An automatic timer; especially one which switches a device on or off at a preset time.

How do you change the time on a light timer?

How to Set a Light Timer

  1. Plug the light timer up and ensure your bulb does turn on and is not blown out.
  2. Turn your switch to the auto setting.
  3. Set the pointer on your light timer to the current time.
  4. Press down the tabs located around your dial for the times you want the light to on.

What does Auto off mean on a digital timer?

AUTO OFF = Timer is OFF and ON/OFF program is activated.

How do I set the time on my mechanical timer?

Mechanical food or kitchen timers generally use a 60-minute clock. To operate them, twist the dial clockwise to the desired setting such as 45 minutes. The timer ticks like a clock during the countdown until it reaches the zero setting on the dial.

What is a GE 15079 timer?

A GE 15079 timer can keep you from coming home to a dark house. GE 15079 timers provide an easy and convenient way to automate small electrical appliances such as lights or coffee pots.

How many GE 15079 manuals are available in database?

Database contains 1 GE 15079 Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Manual .

How do I program Gege 15079 to turn on?

GE 15079 Programming Step 1 Press the “Set” button to enter the programming menu. Press the “Day,” “Hour” and “Minute” buttons until the day and time you want the device to turn on is displayed.

What is the GE SunSmart seven-day two-outlet digital timer?

The GE SunSmart Seven-Day Two-Outlet Digital Timer can control up to two lamps or devices using preset or custom settings for each day of the week. The timer can also be used for seasonal lighting, small appliances or electronics.