What does Basha mean in Hebrew?

What does Basha mean in Hebrew?

Basha is Hebrew Girl name and meaning of this name is “Good Tidings, Daughter of God”.

What is the meaning of the name Basha?

The name Basha is girl’s name of Polish origin meaning “foreign woman”. Basha bears a family resemblance to other newly popular Slavic names Sasha and Mischa, all of them hearty, warm and welcoming.

What ethnicity is Basha?

Basha (title), an Ethiopian rank originally derived from the Turkish “Pasha” but of lower status. Basha, a chain of Lebanese cuisine restaurants in the Greater Montreal area.

How do you spell Basha in Yiddish?


  1. Meaning: Daughter of God.
  2. Gender: Female.
  3. Origin: Yiddish.
  4. You Might Also Like: Batel. , Batya.

What does Basha mean in Egyptian?

باشامهندس bashamohandes A term of respect for engineers, which is a highly regarded career path in Egypt. Combination of basha + the word for ‘engineer’–a two-for-one title, if you will.

Where does the name Basha come from?

It was among those Anglo-Saxon tribes that once ruled over Britain that the name Basha was formed. The name was derived from Basile, which means royal.

What does Basha mean in Swahili?


Swahili English
basha Synonym: msenge gay

Where does the term Basha come from?

The word ‘basha’ is an Assamese word meaning a ‘hut’ taking the form of naturally fabricated shelters made of bamboo and palm materials, it most probably first entered British Army vocabulary to mean a temporary shelter by Chindits operating behind enemy lines in Burma, with the sheet taking its name from this usage.

What does the name bosha mean?

Bosha definition (sometimes offensive) The Lom, a nomadic people related to the Rom and Dom, with origins in India, who reside in the South Caucasus; Caucasian Gypsies. pronoun.

What kind of last name is Basha?

Where Does The Last Name Basha Come From? The last name Basha (Arabic: لبعشي, Bengali: বষা, Hindi: बाशा, Marathi: बाशा, Oriya: ବଶା, Russian: Баша) is most common in India. It can be rendered as a variant: Bàsha. For other possible spellings of Basha click here.

What does Basha stand for?

What does BASHA stand for? BASHA stands for Bachelor of Applied Science in Hospitality Administration (Southern New Hampshire University; Manchester, NH)

What does Basha mean in English?

What does Basha mean? Basha as a girls’ name is of Polish origin, and the meaning of Basha is “stranger”. From the same root as Barbara. Also form of Batya. (female) Batia, ..

What does the name Bashah mean?

Bashah name meaning is Falcon. It has multiple Islamic meaning. The name is originated from . The lucky number of Bashah name is 6. Bashah is a Muslim Boy name Acording to Numerology Predictions, lucky number for Bashah is 6. Bashah name meaning in english are Falcon.

What does the name bashasha mean?

Name Basharin meaning of letter B. A very sensitive person who is essentially a sweethearts.

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