What does BMW Y cable do?

What does BMW Y cable do?

The BMW Y cable is for those who did not opt for the Enhanced Bluetooth facility- which for some reason enables the user to plug a standard iPod / iPhone cable directly into the USB port of their car. Without this feature, BMW force you to purchase an over priced (but well built I will add) ‘Y’ cable.

Does the BMW 5 series have USB port?

“An additional 12V power socket including a USB adapter is integrated into the rear centre console and can be used to charge such equipment as mobile phones or external audio devices. An additional 12V power socket is located in the rear right side of the luggage compartment.”

How do I play Apple music on my BMW?

APPLE CARPLAY® PREPARATION SETUP. Before you launch Apple CarPlay® Preparation in your BMW, make sure that Siri and WiFi are activated. To do this, select ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Siri’ and ‘Settings’ > ‘WiFi’ on your iPhone. Now you have the option to connect your vehicle via Bluetooth with your iPhone.

Where is USB port in BMW 530i?

The two ports in the rear are for charging mobile devices. The other port is In the center console, this is a USB Type-A port, which is for charging mobile phones and other devices. Both a type A and type C a type a USB port can be found between the cupholders type-c USB ports can be found in the center armrest.

How do I connect my iPhone to my BMW 4 Series?

How do I pair a phone with my BMW? To start, first ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on both the car and the mobile device. Using the iDrive, select Communication > Manage mobile devices > Connect new device*. Select the required functions for the device and then the Bluetooth name for your BMW is displayed*.

How do I connect my iPhone to my BMW?

The iPhone can be paired with BMW iDrive using Bluetooth by navigating to the “Settings” menu on iDrive. Select the tab “Connections”, followed by “Bluetooth” Click “Add new device” On iPhone: go to “Settings” / “Bluetooth”Enable Bluetooth and select The six-digit passkey on your BMW’s display should be entered.

How do I charge my iPhone in my BMW?

Simply place your iPhone 8 or X (with Bluetooth and WLAN switched on) after getting into the Qi charging recess below the dashboard and drive off. After a few seconds, the BMW infotainment system ConnectedDrive will be connected to your iPhone 8 or X and you can charge the iPhone battery while using Carplay.