What does Hoos mean at UVA?

What does Hoos mean at UVA?

Wahoos, often shortened to ‘Hoos, is an unofficial nickname for sports teams of the University of Virginia (officially the Cavaliers), and more generally, a nickname for University students and alumni.

Who is the new Virginia football coach?

Tony Elliott
Tony Elliott made his first round of hires to his on-field Virginia football coaching staff this week. In the past few days, UVA’s new head football coach posted a few videos to social media officially welcoming Des Kitchings, Kevin Downing, Keith Gaither, and Chris Slade.

Who is Virginia Tech’s football coach?

Brent PryVirginia Tech Hokies football / Head coachBrenton James Pry is an American football coach and former player who is currently the head coach at Virginia Tech. He previously served as the defensive coordinator at Pennsylvania State University from 2016 to 2021. He played college football for the Buffalo Bulls. Wikipedia

What does Hoos stand for?


Acronym Definition
HOOS Hip Disability Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (musculoskeletal system)
HOOS Held Out of Service (aircraft maintenance)

What do UVA students call themselves?

Wahoos or Hoos An alternative name for the Cavaliers or the students at the University of Virginia.

Where did Tony Elliott go?

Offensive coordinator Tony Elliott officially accepted the head coach position with the Virginia Cavaliers on Friday.

Where did Brent Pry go to college?

University at BuffaloBrent Pry / College

How much does the Virginia Tech football coach make?

Tech released the contract details for new coach Brent Pry before his introductory press conference. Pry signed a six-year deal worth $27.5 million that starts at $4 million over the first two seasons of the contract and goes up to $4.75 million for 2024 and $5 million in 2026.