What does immer noch mean in German?

What does immer noch mean in German?

Immer alone means always and not still.. Noch means still and you don’t have to always use immer nich.. Only when you want to make emphasis 🙂 November 7, 2015.

How do you use doch and noch in German?

Doch is the proper answer to counter a negative statement with the positive opposite as in “No, not – Yes, too.” “Nein. – Doch.”. Doch can furthermore be used whenever you state something and the statement is the opposite of what has been thought of or stated before … BY YOU.

What is the difference between Immer Noch and Noch?

“noch” means that the eating is ongoing, but focuses on the fact that she’ll be stopping at some future point in time. “immer noch” means that the eating is ongoing and has done so for a long time.

How do you use doch in a question?

Answering a Question When you answer a question negatively or positively, you use nein/no or ja/yes, whether inDeutsch or English. But German adds a third one-word option, doch (“on the contrary”), that English does not have.

What is the core of the German word noch?

That was our German word of the Day noch. It is the brother of now and used to mean now as well. But the temporal idea has faded and today I’d say the core is the idea of addition… be it a large addition, or a very short one. Noch plays with this idea and offers different takes on it…. sometimes really twisted ones :).

What does noch noch nach Hause mean?

noch is could be part of a temporal adverb. It could be a short form vor gerade/eben noch. The construct is used to focus on “she is going home”, adding her shopping stop as a side line of what she did immediately before that. Sie kauft ein und geht (dann) noch nach Hause. would focus on her shopping.

What is the difference between Jetzt and noch in German?

And in German it happened kind of the other way around. Germans picked jetzt as their common, standard now and noch evolved similar to the English yet in that it lost its “now-feel”, its time feel and makes implications instead. “Bist du jetzt fertig?” “ Noch nicht.”

What does immer noch mean?

1. (= weiterhin, bis jetzt, wie zuvor) still. noch nicht not yet. immer noch, noch immer still. er dachte noch lange an sie it was a long time before he stopped thinking of her.