What frequency is Motorola Talkabout?

What frequency is Motorola Talkabout?

Channel Frequency GMRS
01 462.5625 GMRS 9
02 462.5875 GMRS 10
03 462.6125 GMRS 11
04 462.6375 GMRS 12

What frequency do walkie-talkies use?

Two-way radios (or walkie-talkies) generally operate in the 136 MHz to 900 MHz frequency range, as defined by the FCC.

How do you find the frequency of a two-way radio?

If you want to find a good two-way radio frequency, a general rule of thumb is that the higher the radio is placed, the longer its range will be. Whatever height you place it, the range will be 3.56 times of that. Note that the height is in meters while the distance is in kilometers.

What frequencies are UHF?

UHF, abbreviation of ultrahigh frequency, conventionally defined portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, encompassing radiations having a wavelength between 0.1 and 1 m and a frequency between 3,000 and 300 megahertz.

What is the frequency of Motorola GP328?

136 – 174 MHZ
Motorola GP328 Portable, VHF (136 – 174 MHZ) 16 channels, 5W, no keypad Two-way Radio With Battery, Antenna, Charger, and More.

What frequency is channel 2 on walkie talkie?

List of FRS channels compared to GMRS

Channel Frequency (MHz) GMRS EIRP Restriction
1 462.5625 Up to 5 watts
2 462.5875 Up to 5 watts
3 462.6125 Up to 5 watts
4 462.6375 Up to 5 watts

How do you know if frequency is VHF or UHF?

In the United States, the frequencies used for these systems may be grouped into four general bands or ranges: low-band VHF (49-108 MHz), high-band VHF (169-216 MHz), low-band UHF (450-806 MHz), and high-band UHF (900-952 MHz). VHF represents “Very High Frequency” while UHF represents “Ultra High Frequency.”