What happened to Matthew Fletcher Wentworth?

What happened to Matthew Fletcher Wentworth?

Fletcher decided to leave Wentworth after struggling to recover from his accident. He went to a farm in Tasmania and begun life as a sheep farmer.

Who plays Myra Desmond Prisoner: Cell Block H?

Annie phelan playing as Myra Desmond in prisoner cell block h will be sadly missed and condolences goes to her family and friends. Wonderful actress. One of my favourite characters in the later years.

Are there any actors from Prisoner in Wentworth?

Sigrid Thornton is part of an elite group. She’s one of just 13 actors who have starred in both the original Prisoner and Wentworth.

What happened to Sky Pierson in Wentworth?

Despite the characters permanent presence throughout the second season, from the first episode of season 3 Sky is never seen nor mentioned anymore and her fate is currently unknown. It can be assumed that she just ended her sentence.

Who did Anne Phelan play in Prisoner?

Myra Desmond
After a role in 70s rural soap opera Bellbird, Phelan got her big break in as Myra Desmond in Prisoner in 1979. She would play the role until 1985. She went on to make appearances in a wide array of Australia’s most well-known television shows, including Matlock Police, A Country Practice, The Flying Doctors, and more.

Who is Dez on Wentworth?

Doreen Anderson (Shareena Clanton) (seasons 1–5) is an inmate at Wentworth Correctional Centre. Doreen was charged with reckless endangerment for losing her unborn baby after having a car accident due to heavily drinking and drug use.

Did Val Lehman appear in Wentworth?

Exclusive: Val Lehman, Colette Mann & Fiona Spence filmed guest appearances on Wentworth, but which won’t go to air.

Is Wentworth true?

No, ‘Wentworth’ is just not based mostly on a true story. It takes its supply materials from ‘Prisoner,’ Reg Watson’s standard Eighties cult traditional cleaning soap opera that offers with the controversial subject of feisty and troubled ladies behind bars. ‘Prisoner’ ran for eight seasons between 1979 and 1986.