What happened to Moon River Theater Branson?

What happened to Moon River Theater Branson?

The Andy Williams Performing Arts Center and Moon River Theatre are now under new ownership, the Redmon Family, who also own Redmon’s Candy Factory in Phillipsburg. Work on the property has already begun as the new owners of the theatre prepare for the 2022 season.

What happened to the Andy Williams Theater in Branson?

Williams died of cancer in 2012 and his theater was later bought by his friend Jimmy Osmond of the Osmond Brothers. We don’t know why the 11-acre lot is being sold or what will happen to some of the shows. That decision will be left up to the new owner.

Why is Jim Stafford Theater closed?

The Caravelle Theatre was set to reopen earlier this year, but just before its open, the theatre was broken into and vandalized resulting in a ton of damage inside. The Jim Stafford and Caravelle theaters in Branson are set to be demolished following a content auction later this month.

Who owns the Andy Williams Theater in Branson Missouri?

James Osmond – President /owner – Andy Williams Moon river theatre | LinkedIn.

Do the Osmonds still have a theater in Branson?

Osmonds invade Branson More than a decade of performances later, he began renting the theater to other shows while his family performed at other venues in town. In 2009, he sold the theater, now known as the Clay Cooper Theater.

Who owns Moon River in Branson?

They said owner Jimmy Osmond, who suffered a stroke in December 2018 that has kept the 57-year-old from performing since, was unavailable.

Is Branson Missouri still popular?

“I see Branson as a haven for the arts moving forward into the future,” Howden said. However, data reveals that the percentage of people seeing shows as they visited Branson dropped slightly from 71 percent in 2017 to 69 percent in 2018. That’s only a 2 percent decline.

How many theaters are in Branson Missouri?

Branson: A history of great entertainment. BRANSON, MO – Seven million people currently visit the small Midwestern town that has become the home to more than 45 theaters and 80 shows, world-class fishing and family theme parks.

Did Andy Williams have a show in Branson Missouri?

As the News-Leader reported at the time, the Moon River Theatre opened on May 1, 1992, home to the first major non-country artist to perform in Branson, Andy Williams. (Williams died of cancer in 2012.)

Do Donny and Marie perform in Branson?

Branson provides the perfect environment for the Osmonds to showcase the wide variety of music they have performed throughout their careers. “With this show, we are able to include the many different types of music that people have come to expect form the Osmonds,” says Jimmy Osmond.