What happened to Yasir Shah?

What happened to Yasir Shah?

Yasir’s current ICC Test bowling rank is 34; he last played a Test in August, missing the Bangladesh series late last year due to a thumb injury, where off-spinner Sajid Khan led the charts with 16 wickets at 15.00.

Why is Yasir Shah dropped?

Yasir fell out of the board’s good books after his name got involved in a police case when relatives of a 14-year-old girl alleged that the player had threatened them while trying to protect his close friend, who is accused of sexually molesting the girl and making videos with an intent to blackmail her.

When did Yasir Shah retire?

Yasir Shah

Personal information
Last Test 12 August 2021 v West Indies
ODI debut (cap 188) 14 September 2011 v Zimbabwe
Last ODI 11 May 2019 v England
ODI shirt no. 86

Where is Yasir Jan now?

Qalandars have signed up Yasir on a 10-year developmental contract. Yasir hails from Charsadda, a town situated 29km from Peshawar. He moved to Islamabad at the age of 12, where he has been working with his brothers at the family’s vegetable shop.

Which one of the following players reached 100 wickets during a Test in Johannesburg?

Lohmann holds the record for the fastest 100 wickets in Test in 126 years and his 100th wicket came against South Africa at Johannesburg. He took only 16 matches to accomplish the milestone.

Why Mohammad Abbas is not playing?

After receiving feedback from Deacon, the team management decided to keep Abbas in reserves until he improved his fitness and pace in the nets. “Abbas’s pace has dropped to around 123-125kmph which is not good enough for a new ball bowler in Test cricket,” the source said.

What is the age of Yasir Shah?

36 years (May 2, 1986)Yasir Shah / Age

Who took fastest 100 wickets in ODI?

Yuzvendra Chahal crossed the 100-wicket mark in his 60th ODI. Before him, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Kuldeep Yadav and Irfan Pathan have taken the fastest 100 wickets for India in ODI cricket.

Who took fastest 50 wickets in ODI?

Ajantha Mendis
Here is the list of top 10 bowlers to reach 50 wickets in ODI’s. Ajantha Mendis takes the top spot followed by India’s Ajit Agarkar….Fastest To Reach 50 ODI Wickets.

Pos 1
Player Ajantha Mendis
Country Sri Lanka
Matches 19
Time 0y 277d

Where is Mohammad Abbas now?

Hampshire CricketBowler
Southern Punjab cricket teamBowler
Mohammad Abbas/Current teams

Why Yasir Shah is not playing in Test?

“There was a problem with Yasir Shah’s injury and following that, his fitness. He was called up to the training camp and a lot of work was done for him to regain the fitness,” said Babar. “He is currently in reserves because he is still regaining fitness.