What instruments did the Dorsey brothers play?

What instruments did the Dorsey brothers play?

He was also a highly talented saxophone and clarinet player. Along with his brother, Dorsey received his first musical training from his father, who was a music teacher and marching band director. He played both clarinet and alto saxophone and began playing in several bands with Tommy when they were both teenagers.

Was Jimmy Dorsey married?

Jane PorterJimmy Dorsey / Spouse (m. 1927–1949)

When did Sinatra leave Tommy Dorsey?

Not wanting to lose an opportunity to another singer like Perry Como or Bob Eberly, Sinatra had an idea. Early in 1942, Sinatra decided to give Dorsey his notice: he was going to try his hand at a solo career. But leaving Dorsey’s band was going to be no easy feat.

Was Willie Moretti Frank Sinatra’s godfather?

Hollywood connections. Moretti was the godfather of then-unknown singer Frank Sinatra. Sinatra’s first wife, Nancy Barbato, was a paternal cousin of John Barbato, a Moretti associate. Moretti helped Sinatra get bookings in New Jersey clubs in return for kickbacks.

Who replaced Frank Sinatra in the Tommy Dorsey band?

He replaced Frank Sinatra in a big band. In the early 1940s, Curtis landed a plum gig as a singer for the Tommy Dorsey Band. A titan of big band jazz, Dorsey had previously employed a skyrocketing New Jersey crooner named Frank Sinatra. Perhaps you’ve heard of him.

Did Tommy Dorsey have an orchestra?

However, less than two years later, he formed an orchestra with exactly the same name (Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra), but with different members. Dorsey’s orchestra was known primarily for its renderings of ballads at dance tempos, frequently with singers such as Jack Leonard and Frank Sinatra. More

When did Sam Donahue lead the Dorsey Orchestra?

Billed as the “Tommy Dorsey Orchestra Starring Warren Covington”, they topped the charts in 1958 with “Tea For Two Cha-Cha”. After Covington led the band for a short period, Sam Donahue led it starting in 1961, continuing until the late 1960s.

Why did Tommy Dorsey raid other bands for talent?

Tommy Dorsey’s first band was formed out of the remains of the Joe Haymes band, and so began Dorsey’s long-running practice of raiding other bands for talent. If he admired a vocalist, musician, or arranger, he would think nothing of taking over their contracts and careers.

Is Tommy Dorsey in Alice Bolden and her orchestra?

They are Segar Ellis and His Embassy Club Orchestra and Alice Boulden and Her Orchestra. Dorsey biographer Peter Levinson confirms that Tommy Dorsey appears in Alice Bolden and Her Orchestra and considers it to be mediocre. See Levinson 34 Presenting Lily Mars, Scott Brogan.